Genshin Impact: Labyrinth Warriors “Pushing On” quest guide

The second quest for the Labyrinth Warriors quest has arrived.

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The Labyrinth Warriors event is on its second day, advancing the new roguelike mechanic we’ve seen in Genshin Impact. The second day introduces a brand new quest, starting as soon as you head to the roguelike domain.

You’ll meet with Xinyan and Sara at the start of the quest. After Sara gives Xinyan a permit to stay in Inazuma, you’ll need to talk to Shiki Taishou. Unlike yesterday, the prerequisites leading up to the roguelike run are brief. There aren’t many people to talk to or things to find and collect. As soon as you speak to Shiki Taishou, you need to head inside the Mystic Onmyou domain.

Your task in this quest is to run through the newly unlocked Mystic Onmyou area, The Brutal Divergence. Like The Ominous Demesne, you’ll need to pick two teams: one active and one support. Prepare your teams and head inside.

Immediately, you find Tartaglia in the area, after he was stuck inside from the last quest. Tartaglia explains he was stuck inside as the Domain was changing, fighting the monsters that spawned. Inside, you’ll need to retrieve a replica of Shiki Taishou to your right.

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After some reservations, you’ll need to charge forward. The layout of the domain should be different this time around, but just head in the direction the game points you toward. Once again, the roguelike is two floors.

After defeating the final boss, another replica will lay dormant on the ground. Interact with it, and you’ll see another cutscene that clears up a bit of the mystery behind the Mystic Onmyou domain. Soon after, you’ll be kicked outside once again.

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After clearing the quest, you can enter the domain at any time. Clear the domain to rack up points to spend in the event shop. Participate in the event long enough, and you can even get a free Xinyan.