Genshin Impact: Labyrinth Warriors Stage 3 guide – The Vengeful Wood

The third stage in the Labyrinth Warriors event is now available.

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The Labyrinth Warriors event sends you in a long spiraling dungeon, with the chance to gain buffs for your characters similar to a roguelike game. These dungeons can be filled with difficult fights, but there are several rewards to gain by doing so. The third stage is a continuation of the event, featuring new enemies and bosses to defeat.

Like the other stages, this stage is run with two teams: one active party and one backup party. The active party is the party you spawn with, while the backup party can be swapped out once you reach certain zones on the map. It’s recommended you bring a mix of Cryo and Pyro characters to deal with the bosses on this floor: the Hydro and Electro Abyss Heralds.

With the third stage, all Charm Magic abilities are now available to max out. Use Damaged Replica to max out all of the Charm Magic abilities, which should also unlock rewards for you through the Battle Pass and Martial Trial. Don’t forget to set some new Shikifuda for this run as well.

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Like the other stages, there are three types of rooms with different sigils. One triggers a battle, allowing you to choose between difficulties, another provides a buff with a risk of grabbing a “Cursed Seal,” and the final room type allows you to heal or switch out your party.

During each run, you’ll have a variety of different tasks which provide rewards. You can earn Event Currency and Primogems by completing these tasks. Like in previous stages, you can earn up to 1800 event currency. Here are Stage 3’s trial objectives:

  • Activate the Arrayed Emplacement and complete the challenge.
  • Activate the Ferocious Emplacement and complete the Serious challenge.
  • Activate the Ferocious Emplacement and complete the Dire challenge.
  • Activate the Decisive Emplacement and complete the challenge.

Beware the prevalence of cursed floors during this stage. You can avoid these floors by looking closely at the ground. A black mist surrounds cursed floors.

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The first boss at this stage is a Hydro Abyss Herald, accompanied by a Hydro Hilichurl and Electro Abyss Mage. This stage utilizes Cryo characters well. As soon as the Herald reaches a certain HP threshold, you can permanently freeze him and delete his Hydro shield using Cryo attacks. This boss also comes with a special quirk: The Enemy Leader will have the following Attendants that will aid them in battle: Electro Abyss Mages and Hydro Samachurls.

The second boss is an Electro Abyss Lector, accompanied by several Cryo Hilichurls and Hydro Abyss Mages. The boss can go down quickly with Cryo characters, but you can likely speed up the process by bringing a Pyro or Anemo character as well. (Remember, you can swap characters in the middle of a run.) This boss has a special quirk: The Enemy Leader will have the following Attendants that will aid them in battle: Hydro Abyss Mages, Hydro Samachurls, and Cryo Hilichurl Shooters.

The next stage will open on October 30.