Genshin Impact: Labyrinth Warriors Stage 3 quest guide – Away With Obsessions and Falsehood

A brand new quest is now available for Labyrinth Warriors.

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The Labyrinth Warriors event is on its third stage, advancing the new roguelike mechanic we’ve seen in Genshin Impact. The third stage introduces a brand new quest, starting as soon as you head to the roguelike domain.

You’ll meet with Xinyan at the start of the quest. Unlike the other days, which had a brief prelude, today’s quest has you dive straight into the newly unlocked stage: The Vengeful Wood. Once inside, you’ll meet up with Shiki Taishou and Tartaglia, continuing the storyline from the previous two quests.

Your task in this quest is to run through the newly unlocked Mystic Onmyou area, The Vengeful Wood. Like The Ominous Demesne, you’ll need to pick two teams: one active and one support. Prepare your teams and head inside.

In this domain, Tartaglia and Shiki Taishou have been together for a while, getting closer as they fight. With Xinyan, the four of you venture deeper into the domain, attempting to find the replica that will restore Shiki Taishou’s strength. Pick up the replica near you to continue with the quest.

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Reach the end, and you’ll be met with a cutscene that gives some insight into Shiki Taishou and his master’s story. Enjoy the cutscene, talk to Childe for a bit and gain some insight on Scaramouche and the gnosis.

As soon as you leave the domain, the quest ends. It’s a slick, quick quest that only requires you to run through the domain once. You get a fun little reward at the end, getting your own personal Shiki Taishou as a pet.

Screenshot by Gamepur