Genshin Impact Mysterious Voyage web event guide

A journey of discovery.

Genshin Impact’s Mysterious Voyage web event has just begun. As long as a player is above Adventure Rank 10 they will be able to participate in the event. Players can potentially earn Primogems, enhancement materials, and Mora from this new event.

The Mysterious Voyage event is similar to a choose your own adventure story, with players making several decisions along the way that will impact their journey. To play the event on PC, or Mobile, players can visit the event page via their browser. On PlayStation, players need to visit their in-game maile, open the message titled “The Mysterious Voyage” Web Event has begun, and click on the blue link to take part. Scan the QR code and then click on the link on your phone to play.

The Mysterious Voyage

The event begins with Paimon and the Traveler awakening on a boat with a Nautical Manual. Players will then be given a number of options that they can take. There are a total of 40 areas that players can explore, but each new area will cost energy.

Additional energy can be earned by completing tasks and challenges that are located on the event page. For example, the Day One tasks are:

  • Daily Login Event Page – 60 Points
  • Daily Sharing Event Page – 20 Points
  • Check out the “Taste of Summer Fan Art” contest – 20 Points

How to defend your boat from attack

From time to time, your ship may be invaded. During these sections of gameplay, small circles will appear on the screen with another shrink circle around it. The aim is to tap on the circle just as the shrinking circle reaches it. Doing so repeatedly will successfully defend the ship. Success means you will unlock the area you are in at the cost of 10 energy, and you need to defend at least half of the incoming attacks to succeed. If you fail, you lose the 10 energy and the area remains locked.