Genshin Impact – Pride and Prejudice quest guide

Put an end to the experiment.

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Alhaitham’s story questline concludes with the final quest, Pride and Prejudice. Here, your investigation against Siraj and his experiments come to an end as you prepare to put an end to his crimes against humanity. To start this quest, you’ll have to have completed the quest “A Thorough Investigation.” To begin the quest, head to Siraj’s hideout, located here:

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Pride and Prejudice quest walkthrough – Genshin Impact

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Siraj’s hideout is located in a special domain, the Secret Cavern. The recommended elements to bring to this domain are Dendro and Electro. In this domain, you’ll also get a Trial Character version of Alhaitham that you’ll be able to use for free.

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Head to the marked location to proceed. A flashback will occur. Following this, keep heading straight into the cavern. A blue key will shine near a gate. Insert the key into the key slot like so.

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Keep going into the cavern. You’ll encounter another key puzzle.

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Pick up the common chest located behind the door.

The next key puzzle is more intricate. First, take the key behind the first door. Use the key slot to open the second half of the first door.

Remove this key from the slot:

Insert it into the next key slot here. Then, go back and collect the other key slot and insert it into the key slot behind this one.

After this puzzle, you’ll encounter a group of weak mobs. You’ll fight a wave of shrooms, and then a wave of Hydro Slimes. Defeat these mobs to unlock an Exquisite Chest and the path to continue.

Head to the platform in front of you and start it. It will take you to various visions of people’s collective consciousness. After you reach the end of the moving platform, proceed into the dungeon, and you’ll encounter some more flashbacks.

You’ll encounter another key puzzle. Take the first key and insert it into the first key slot. Backtrack for the second key and insert it into the second key slot. You’ll have two keys in two slots, but they control the same door. As a result, we can take the first key and take it with us.

Remove one of the keys, and head into the cavern. Insert it into the next key slot. Backtrack again and collect the second key. Go back and insert it into the empty key slot. Your keys should look like this, and the door should be open.

You can leave these keys as you proceed further into the dungeon. Another flashback will begin. Head further into the cavern and confront Ilyas. Watch the cutscene that ensures. Soon, you’ll enter a battle with numerous enemies.

After beating these enemies, you’ll encounter a couple of cutscenes. Continue on to receive a Precious Chest and exit the dungeon. After a few more moments of dialogue, the quest will conclude. As a reward, you’ll earn x60 Primogems, 775 Adventure EXP, x53,900 Mora, x5 Guide to Ingenuity, x6 Hero’s Wit, and x12 Mystic Enhancement Ores.