Genshin Impact Slime Paradise PlayStation event details

Patience has paid off.

Genshin Impact

Image via Gamepur

Patience has paid off for Genshin Impact players on PlayStation, as the Slime Paradise event is finally coming to the platform. The former web event had a major problem because PlayStation owners were unable to take part, but miYoHo have solved this particular issue and are running to event back for everyone who missed out on it.

The PlayStation event will take place on March 24, finally giving players who missed out the chance to earn some rewards and enjoy the event. During the event, players will need to look after a Slime-themed amusement park, attracting visitors and placing decorations.

To do this, they will need Paradise Coins that can be earned by logging in to the event, logging into the main game, and checking out HoYoLab Community posts every day.

Using the Paradise Coins to buy decorations will attract visitors that are worth Paradise Tickets. These Paradise Tickets can then be converted into in-game rewards such as Primogems and Mora.

We imagine that starting the event will involved going into your mail and clicking a link or using a QR code similar to the Wish Upon a Lantern event, but we will update this article with further details when miYoHo make them available.