Genshin Impact: Surfpiercer event guide

Use your waverider in this new event.

Image via HoYoverse

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The Golden Apple Archipelago is open for business as a part of the Summertime Odyssey event in Genshin Impact. There are a ton of individual activities to do on the island. One of these activities is a sailing event, where you use your waverider to traverse through obstacle courses. You have to make your way through each obstacle course while fulfilling some conditions along the way.

To unlock this event, you’ll need to have already unlocked the Golden Apple Archipelago. You can follow this guide in case you’re having trouble getting access to the limited-time islands. When you unlock the island, you’ll have to complete a short quest before getting access to all of the events.

After unlocking the islands, you’re ready to begin the Surfpiercer event.

Genshin Impact Surfpiercer event guide

The Surfpiercer event tasks you with taking your waverider through different obstacle courses, fulfilling different objects along the way. These objectives are most commonly to make it to the end of the course in a certain amount of time, but can also include collecting objects, using abilities, or destroying obstacles along the way.

When taking your waverider through the course, you won’t have access to your weapon. Instead, you’ll have a new “E” ability that allows you to collect green orbs known as Piercer’s Drive. These green orbs charge up a meter, that when full, allows you to use the ability “Surfpiercer’s Surge.” This ability gives your waverider a burst of speed, allowing you to destroy obstacles and move faster.

The Surfpiercer’s Surge has three charges, so you can take your time collecting these green orbs and stack uses of Surfpiercer’s Surge. Many of these courses require you to use a certain amount of Surfpiercer’s Surge or break obstacles using this ability.

You can find the location of each Surfpiercer obstacle course by going to your map. Each obstacle course can be seen through a symbol on the map resembling a ship. You just need to head to each location and start the course. You’ll notice that to start the course, you’ll have to use a time trial sigil.

There are a total of six Surfpiercer courses. Each course has a minimum completion time which will grant you 30 Primogems, but if you fulfill all of the requirements, you can earn extra Mora, Hero’s Wit, and Weapon Enhancement Ores. Be sure to fulfill all the requirements possible so you can maximize the number of rewards you get.