Genshin Impact: “The End of the Sabzeruz Festival” quest guide

The neverending dream finally breaks.

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The End of the Sabzeruz Festival marks the conclusion of this neverending celebration of the Dendro Archon. This quest picks off right after the last quest, The Empty Illusions of the Sabzeruz Festival, after the Dendro Archon Kusanali promised to explain how to leave the samsara.

As soon as the next day begins; however, you get some tragic news. Dunyarzad, who you have been trying to save by breaking free from the Samsara, has disappeared — her body is no longer capable of producing dreams for the Akasha, weakened by Eleazar. You still have to leave the samsara, however.

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How to complete The End of the Sabzeruz Festival quest

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Kusanali reveals that to break free from this neverending dream, they have to find the host of the dream and make them aware that they’re dreaming. Kusanali, meanwhile, will leave and try to find one last way to save Dunyarzad. It’s time to investigate who is the host of this dream.

First, head to Farris, the Knight of Flowers. You ask Farris to make a wish to see if they can control the environment. Farris wishes for Dunyarzad to appear in front of him, but this proves unsuccessful. You hear Dehya fighting the bandits again in the distance, and you emotionally decide to help her.

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You tell Dehya to leave so you can fight off the Eremites yourself. Defeat the Eremites, and the quest will continue. There are about five that you have to defeat. While you’re in the area, Paimon remembers that before the time loop began, Dunyarzad was returning to her room to collect something she forgot. You and Paimon decide to find this item.

You find a book inside, which reveals she had been documenting much of her adventures. Find the fake Dunyarzad.

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Go to watch the Dance of Sabzeruz. You head in to shut down the Sages and let Nilou perform her dance. However, you realize that the Sages that stop her are likely puppets. Nilou recognizes something too, and you find out the host of the dream is Nilou.

Nilou will perform her dance, and the dream will end. The next day, you realize that you remember the events of the previous day. It seems like the samsara is finally over, and you find Dunyarzad is saved as well.