Genshin Impact: Traveler’s Picture Book Guide

Time to paint.

Image via miHoYo

A new web event is live for Genshin Impact during Version 2.3. This event is the Traveler’s Picture Book event, where you can do some painting to win rewards such as Primogems, Mora, and other great prizes. There are different aspects to this event, such as Painting Colors, and Painting Progress. Here’s everything you need to know for this event.

To start the event, you can follow a link provided in-game, or click the link here. Once you link your accounts, you’ll see a fun little page you can begin to decorate. But to decorate, you’ll need to collect more colors.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can get more colors by clicking the button next to ‘Paint,’ and finishing some tasks in-game. That will refill your painting vials, seen on the top right. Here are all the tasks you can complete in game:

Day 1– Log in on 1 day
– Begin and complete an expedition
– Complete 4 Daily Commissions in total
Day 2– Log in on 2 days
– Collect 3 Crystal Cores
– Clear any Domain once
Day 3– Log in on 3 days
– Use a total of 480 Original Resin
– Complete 12 Daily Commissions in total
Day 4– Log in on 4 days
– Defeat boss enemy 1 time
Day 5– Log in on 5 days
– Use a total of 900 Original Resin
Day 6– Log in on 6 days
– Collect Realm Currency once in the Serenitea Pot
Day 7– Log in on 7 days
– Collect 1 Realm Bounty within the Serenitea Pot and gain Companionship EXP from a companion who has moved in

Completing each individual task will net you a vial or more per task. You need to collect 4 vials to start Painting, so complete the tasks in-game and return to the web event page. You get event rewards based on the progress of your Chest, which fills up the more you paint.

20%Adventurer’s Experience x3 Fine Enhancement Ore x5
40%Primogem x30 Mora x10000
60%Hero’s Wit x2 Mystic Enhancement Ore x5
80%Hero’s Wit x3 Mystic Enhancement Ore x5
100%Primogem x50 Mora x20000

Be sure to collect all the vials you can and paint away! You’ll win tons of rewards, as listed above.