How To Get Mod Components In Destiny 2

Rare as hen’s teeth.

Destiny 2

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Mods in Destiny 2 allow you to take advantage of additional perks. You can attach them to weapons and armor and take advantage of improvements to things like weapon handling, reload speeds, how much damage you can take, and how fast you can recover. Mods come in two forms, Rare which are blue, and Legendary which are Purple. Legendaries also offer another benefit, an extra five points of Power. You will need to find and equip a Legendary mod to each weapon and armor item in your loadout if you want to reach the max Power level of 305.

In order to be able to buy Legendary mods from Banshee at the Tower.

Mod Components

You can buy a random Weapon or Armor mod from Banshee-44 for two mod components and a thousand Glimmer. You can also convert three rare mods of the same type into a Legendary of that type for free. Rare mods can also be dismantled for a small amount of Glimmer.

To get a mod component you need to break down a Legendary mod. Go to your inventory, then click on the middle icon to go to your modifications as shown below.

How To Get Mod Components In Destiny 2

Choose a Legendary mod you will not need and dismantle it. Once this is done, the component will be in your inventory. Remember that you need two of them to buy a mod.

How To Get Mod Components In Destiny 2

How To Get Mods

Once you have your components, and enough Glimmer to cover your purchases, head to Banshee-44 in the tower. You can now choose between Weapon and Armor mods. If you are looking for Kinetic Weapon mods, there is a one in four chance it will drop. They are the rarest mods in the game and do not seem to drop from any other source. Mods can have a big impact on your build, so be sure to use them wisely.

How To Get Mod Components In Destiny 2

Another method of getting mod components is to break down older legendary weapons, as they can drop them when they are broken down. This has a pretty low chance of happening, but you can trade in weapon parts to Banshee for Legendary gear, break it down, and see if you get a mod or mod component from the exchange. It’s not perfect, but it’s a fast way to explore Destiny 2’s RNG, and see if you can get some mod components quickly.