Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Switch Shoulder Perspectives


Combat is going to become a regular thing for you in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. You’re going to find yourself fighting against waves of enemies in the game, and they’re smart. Many of them are going to flank you and try to compromise your position — the best way to combat many of them to flip your tactics on the spot. A simple way to do this is to learn how to switch shoulders when you’re aiming your gun correctly. There’s a quick way to do this, but the game does not directly tell you.

How To Switch Shoulders Aiming Down Sights in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Before you can switch shoulders, you have not to be aiming directly down your weapon sights while in first person. There’s a distinct difference. If you’re aiming down sights in first person, you’re only going to see the scope. If you’re in third person, you’re going to look over your character’s shoulder. To switch to over your character’s shoulder, hit the “Alt,” key if you’re on mouse and keyboard. If you’re using a controller, you’re going to want to tap down the right thumbstick. You should be able to look over your character’s shoulder while aiming your weapon.

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Now, perspective is vital. You might see your foes better from one side, but this is not going to last forever. You’re going to need to switch things up and to do this and switch between your character’s right and left side. To do this, you’re going to want to hit the middle mouse button. For those using a controller, you’re going to want to hit the Right Bumper button. You should now be able to switch from right to left, seamlessly.

It’s important to remember to use this maneuver when you’re in the middle of a close-quarters firefight, especially when you’re indoors. The walls and small hallways make it easy for an enemy to sneak up on you, and you might be able to see them better from one side rather than the other.

There’s plenty else to learn about Ghost Recon Breakpoint. If you’re still unsure if you’re interested in the game, make sure to check out our review of the title.