Gaming Gift Guide: The best gifts for PlayStation fans in 2020

The best gift ideas for the PlayStation fan in your life.

Gamers can be a difficult bunch to shop for. Avid PlayStation fans have a niche they will enjoy, but from an outside perspective that’s all the more confusing. You don’t necessarily want to buy anything with the PlayStation logo on it. PlayStation related gifts could be wearable merchandise, console peripherals, or games. We have some excellent ideas if you’re unsure where to begin.

PlayStation gold controller coffee mug

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Coffee is a gamer’s lifeline. The controller is officially licensed mug takes its design from the original PlayStation. If your gamer is a fan of retro gaming systems, this is a cute gift they will appreciate. The mug is not microwave or dishwasher safe.

Paladone PlayStation Icons Light

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A charming gift for any PlayStation fan. The light is battery or USB powered and includes the USB cable. It has three different modes with standard lighting and special effects. It is also music reactive. The three modes are normal, color phasing mode, and party mode. In normal mode, the light displays the iconic symbols in their traditional colors: green triangle, orange circle, blue x, and the pink square. This is a steady, constant light mode. In color shift, the icons slowly light up and fade one by one. Party mode reacts to your music and it does so automatically without needing to be plugged in.

Seagate 4TB External Hard Drive

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An external hard drive is a great option for PS4 owners to expand usable memory. It also works well for PS5 owners looking to play their PS4 games on their new console. While the PS5 is a bit questionable regarding expandable storage, it can read PS4 games off a hard drive. If your gamer wants to play their old PS4 games but doesn’t want to waste the limited memory of the PS5, an external hard drive is the answer.

PlayStation Plus Gift Card

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We know “gift card” sounds really impersonal. Think of it less as a gift card and more as a prepaid card. PlayStation Plus is Sony’s online program, and unfortunately, if players want to play their games online and with friends, they will need a PlayStation Plus membership. A gift card for a membership will not go unused. A year long gift card is much cheaper now and this would pair well with another gift. 

Pulse 3D Headset

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Sound is crucial to the gaming experience. Having a headset immerses the player directly in the battle. Plus it keeps any voice chat personal instead of broadcasting it through the house. Sony’s Pulse 3D wireless headset is designed to pair with the PS5’s newest 3D audio system. While it’s designed for the PS5, it will pair with a PS4 if the intended recipient hasn’t yet upgraded. 

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