Gaming Gift Guide: The best gifts for Nintendo fans in 2020

Get the right gift for the Nintendo fan in your life this holiday season.

Animal Crossing christmas decoration

Image via TOONdoodles/Etsy

The Holiday season is suddenly upon us, and while many of us will not be able to spend it with the ones we love this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t show your love through a special gift or two this season. Here are 10 great gift ideas: three holiday or Christmas themed gifts, and seven general or winter themed gifts, that would make a perfect holiday gift for any Nintendo fans in your life.

Animal Crossing Building Blocks DIY Miniature

Animal Crossing villagers
Image via RegisBox

These adorable buildable Animal Crossing villagers are the perfect unique gift for an Animal Crossing fan. There are 30 villagers to choose from, and you can buy each one separately. Plus, they do not arrive assembled, so half the fun is the process of building them.

Get it on RegisBox.

Animal Crossing Ornament

Animal Crossing christmas decoration
Image via TOONdoodles/Etsy

For those celebrating Christmas this holiday season, finish off your tree with this adorable Animal Crossing ornament, featuring Blathers, Redd, Isabelle, Celeste, Timmy, Tommy, and Tom Nook.

Get it on Etsy.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Plushies

FE3H plushies
Image via GizmoForge/Etsy

Get the perfect gift for Fire Emblem fans, these custom plushies are available for preorder, with single character and bulk bundle options. Let the gamer in your life snuggle up with Hilda, Claude, or any of the options you see.

Get it on Etsy.

Kirby Manpuku Mochi BIG Plush Pillow

Kirby Pillow
Image via Ebay

Speaking of snuggles, what would a Nintendo gift list be without at least one adorably bulbous Kirby pillow? Gift a Kirby fan in your life this pink, friend-shaped plush in one of two styles.

Get it on Ebay.

Legend of Zelda Master Sword Hylian Shield Sweater

Zelda sweater
Image via GameStop

It’s dangerous to go into the holiday season alone, take this! This Zelda-themed ugly sweater couldn’t be anything further from ugly. Gift someone the power of the Hylian Shield and Master Sword this season — or get it for yourself (we see you).

Get it at GameStop.

Pokémon Snorlax Slippers

Snorlax slippers
Image via Spencer’s

Winter may be the coldest season, but one’s feet don’t have to be just as cold. For a Pokémon fan in your life, give the gift of these fluffy and fun Snorlax slippers, perfect for the holiday and the upcoming months.

Get it at Spencer’s.

Pokémon Ugly Sweater

Pokemon sweater
Image via GeekStore

This official Pokémon ugly sweater is also a perfect gift for a Pokémon fan. Featuring the iconic Pikachu in a Santa hat, Bulbasaur in a striped hat, Charmander in a winter hat, and Squirtle in a set of earmuffs.

Get it at GeekStore.

Super Mario Figures

Mario figures

For the Mario and Donkey Kong fans out there, this figure collection is great both for kids who want to use them as toys, or adults who want collectable figures to display. One of our writers owns the top set, and he highly recommends them.

Get it at FanMerchStore.

Super Mario Princess Peach Socks

Peach socks

Once again, here’s a way to protect some cold feet, in more way than one! These adorable fan-made socks feature Princess Peach in her wedding dress. Perfect for a smaller gift or a stocking stuffer.

Get it at RedBubble.

Super Smash Bros Ceramic Coffee Mug

Nintendo mug

Can’t decide on a specific series for your gift? Unsure what your giftee truly wants, but know they love Nintendo? You can’t go wrong with this Super Smash Bros. mug! It features characters from all of Nintendo’s flagship series, and even some of the smaller ones.

Get it at Nyvane.