Gourmet Supremos Assemble quest guide – Genshin Impact

High-class cooking.

The Gourmet Supremos Assemble quest can be found just between Ritou and Konda Village in Inazuma, Genshin Impact. On the beach, you will discover three chefs who are talking about cooking a meal. They are hoping to get their hands on a rare ingredient, but have no way to do so.

Players will need to help them out by touching a Thunder Sakura Bough, which will allow them to pass through a nearby Electro barrier. Despite standing right beside them, the chefs are unable to identify them, so players will need to do this for them.

The Thunder Sakura Boughs look like small, twisted tree trunks with some purples flowers, and lighting on them. By interacting with them, players will get a temporary buff that allows them to pass through the barrier.

By running through the nearby dome-like barrier, players will be able to interact with a patch of pink and purple blossoms hanging in the air to get a Special Sakura Bloom. When that is done, return to the chefs and interact with them to give them special bloom.

They will cook up the meal, and you will receive 150 Adventure XP, 20 Primogems, some Mora, and a recipe for the Sakura Tempura. To make it, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Shrimp Meat x 4
  • Lavender Melon x 2
  • Sakura Bloom x 2
  • Flour x 1