How to play as an animal in GTA Online with Peyote plants

The key to a trippy reincarnation.

Image via Rockstar

In typical Rockstar fashion, the developer lets GTA Online characters transform into animals when under the influence of one very powerful plant. The greenery in question is the returning Peyote plant. This illegal substance can be found in various locations around Los Santos and is differently worth the hunt.

Where to find Peyote plants

To begin this psychedelic adventure, you need to make your way to one of the several areas shown below. The closer you are to each dotted location, your controller will rumble uncontrollably. You’ll notice the plant when you see its round green bottom with a daisy sticking out of it.

How to become a particular animal

Once one of these is obtained, you’ll instantly fall to the ground and then respawn as one of 26 animals. The creature you become is based on where you find it. For instance, you’re more likely to be a sea creature, like a dolphin, if you discover the plant near the coast. If you consume the plant in the woods, you’re bound to be a land or air-based animal, such as a bird or even a cow.

As an animal, you can still commit crimes and maintain a wanted level. The transformation will be in effect until you are killed or leave the mode. Peyote was first introduced during the 2019’s Halloween Surprise event and was gone weeks later. Hopefully, this transformative snack is here to stay this time around.

Image via GTA Fandom Wiki