GreedFall – Coin Guard Merchandise Quest – How To Finish It


The Coin Guard Merchandise quest is a bit of rambling adventure that starts off GreedFall and is mostly designed to get you used to various systems in the game. The quest takes places in Serene, but finishing it up is a bit ambiguous. You won’t be able to finish the quest in Serene at all. Once you have drugged or used other means to get past the guards on the warehouse in Serene and informed the porters that are waiting to grab the merchandise, it is time to move on.

GreedFall – Coin Guard Merchandise Quest – How To Finish It

Map of New Serene

You will need to go to New Serene, in the New World, to finish this quest. This means boarding the ship and entering the main area of the game. Once you arrive, you will need to head for the Barracks and speaks to the Quartermaster. This is a little awkward as there appears to be some cue missing in the mission that means this isn’t entirely obvious.

All you need to do is head to new Serene, then hit up the Coin Guard Barracks as shown on the map above and you will be able to progress to the next stage of the quest. Just head inside to speak to the Quartermaster, who can be found in the main room just inside the door.

Once you have spoken to him, you will need to explore a couple of warehouses to track down the crates and mark them, then return to the Quartermaster. This will wrap up this quest, but will also open up more shenanigans that you can get up to if you wish.