GreedFall – Tips and Tricks


GreedFall takes you about 30 hours to complete. There is plenty to see and do, but in this guide, we give you some tips and tricks you might want to know to have the best possible start.

GreedFall Tips And Tricks

You Can Get The Lockpicking Talent Pretty Easily

In GreedFall certain items or armor convey a buff to Talents, giving you access to Talents you may not have built. At the start of the game, your companion Kurt is wearing a torso armor piece with a +1 Lockpicking buff. You can switch armor with him so that you get the buff, allowing you to pick the locks on many chests in Serene.

The Coin Guard Merchandise Quest

This quest is a little ambiguous, so if you need help with it, be sure to read our guide. It seems to catch a lot of people out because there is a midpoint in the quest where it is not clear where you need to go.

Countering Is OP

This mechanic isn’t specific to GreedFall. It seems to be an element of any game that features blocking and countering. Get used to perfectly timing your blocks early, because it leaves enemies open to severe damage on your return attack and will help fill up your Fury bar much quicker.

Listen to Your Companions

All your companions can have great information, and they all have quests for you to help them with. Talk to them regularly, and make sure you bring them on missions that involve their faction, their presence might help a lot.

Explore Each Area

Exploration is essential, as it can yield loot, experience, quests, new characters to interact with, and even boss fights that you might otherwise miss. Scout around each new area and see what you can find.

Tactical Pause

If you are in a tough fight, hit Tactical Pause to review your available options. You might want to use traps, potions, or other tricks to make things a bit easier.

Sell Loot You Don’t Want

You can only carry so much loot, so be sure to sell the things you don’t want to Merchants. You can leave it in your stash if you’re going to save it for later.

You Can Change Difficulty Whenever You Like

If you get stuck on a boss or struggle with the game a little, you can change the difficulty from the options menu whenever you like. This way, you can dial the difficulty up or down, depending on how much of a challenge you want.


Try and keep a chest piece from each faction as you fight their members. You can put on the chest piece as a disguise, allowing you to trick guards into thinking you are one of them. This technique lets you finish some important quest steps without bloodshed, and losing reputation with that faction.