GreedFall – Demoniacal Cult Quest – Stones Puzzle Order


As you play through GreedFall, you will come to the Demoniacal Cult mission, where you explore rumors of a wicked cult having taken root among one of the villages on the island. You need to carefully investigate the mystery to get to the bottom of it. Eventually, you will come to a part where you need to follow one of the villagers to find out what he is up to. As you follow him through the woods, you arrive at an ancient tree that forces images into your character’s mind. That character describes what he sees, and the imagery contained within them act as clues regarding what candles to light at the various stones.

Around you is a circle of stones, and the only way to progress is to light the candles at the right stones. You need to light them in the correct order to open the path beneath the tree.

GreedFall – Demoniacal Cult Mission – Stones Puzzle Order

Before you start, go around the circle of stones and examine each one so that you know what each one means. Once this happens, light the candles in the following order, and make sure you don’t interact with the wrong stones. If you want to, you can interact with one of your companies to have your character retell the images he saw, or you can light the candles listed in the order below:

  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Death
  • Water
  • Life

Once you have lit the candles on the correct stones, the door will open, and you will be able to venture into the tunnel and continue your quest. Just follow the path down into the cave, and you will come to the next part of the journey.

Once you finish this section, the quest ends. However, it starts up a new quest connected to it.