GreedFall – Romance Guide


GreedFall is a massive RPG, and like a lot of other massive RPGs you can get involved in romantic entanglements, if you play your cards right. You can romance your companions, as long as they think highly of you. It won’t be easy though, your companions all have other things on their mind, and you need to prove what kind of person you are before love blossoms.

GreedFall – Romance Guide

To be able to romance a companion in GreedFall, you need to help them complete their own personal chain of quests. This means talking to them regularly, bringing them with you on certain missions, and helping them to finish their own side quests as well.

You also need to play smart. If you plan on getting in a fight with the natives, you might not want Siora to be with you if you plan on romancing her. It is easy to lose reputation with your companions, and doing so will affect your ability to romance them.

Your aim is to get the relationship level, which you can check in the Companion Menu, to Friendly so that the companion can become romantically interested in you. It is possible to mess this up, however, and you can effectively destroy your chances of romance with a character if you act in a way that they do not approve of.

From your available companions, Siora, Kurt, Aphra, and Vasco can all be romanced. Some will depend on whether your own character is male or female.

  • Kurt – can only be romanced by female De Sardet.
  • Aphra – can only be romanced by male De Sardet.
  • Siora – can be romanced by male or female De Sardet.
  • Vasco – can be romanced by male or female De Sardet.

Each romance option is also connected to achievement.

  • Kurt – Guardian of Love
  • Aphra – Love and Botany
  • Siora – Minudhanem
  • Vasco – Love and the Sea

So there you go, that should be everything you need to know to play the dating game in GreedFall. How wonderful to see love blossoming in the New World.