GreedFall – Where To Find The Naut Disguise In Serene


One of GreedFall’s more interesting systems is that you can disguise yourself if you need to sneak around an area. Disguising is vital because when you are trying to help your companions or keep them happy, you don’t want to end up murdering lots of members of their Faction. You are introduced to this system early in the game, as you make your way through Serene before leaving for the New World.

GreedFall – Where To Find The Naut Disguise In Serene

As you play through the game’s opening missions, you will need to get into an area controlled by the Nauts. To do so safely, keep Vasco happy, and not end up murdering lots of people you need a Naut disguise. The way the disguise system works is that if you are wearing a piece of torso armor from a particular faction, you can fool members of that faction into believing that you are one of them.

To find the Naut disguise, you need to head to the docks, open your map, and look for a building called the Storeroom. On the map, there’s a cluster of three doors on the bottom left, and doors directly to the right of them. That is the Storeroom. You will end up going there while you search for the missing Cabin Boy, but you can head there early if you like.

Go in and search the room for a chest. Inside the chest is a sailor’s jacket. Wearing this jacket allows you to blend in perfectly with the other Nauts. It also has pretty good stats and is a solid armor piece for the start of the game.

If you want to check what faction your torso armor is in your Inventory, open up the Armor tab, and navigate to the torso. Scroll down the list of armors, and you’ll find the small faction symbol on blow the armor’s stats.

There you go, you now know where to find the Naut disguise, and how to disguise yourself as other factions when you need to.