GTA Online After Hours Beginners Tips | Best Nightclub, Upgrades, Earn Money & More

 GTA Online After Hours Beginners Tips | Best Nightclub, Upgrades, Earn Money & More

In GTA After Hours, you can buy a Nightclub. This will be your base to do everything, but it can be a tough task to manage it. In this guide, you can find all about Nightclubs. You can read all about Nightclubs, supplies and how to effectively manage along with prices of different Nightclubs you can purchase in the game.

GTA Online After Hours Beginners Tips

After Hours Night Club Beginners Tips

Below are beginners tips you can go through if you are having a problem playing GTA Online After Hours DLC.

Buying A Nightclub

There are around 10 Nightclubs you can buy in GTA After hours and each comes with a price. Below you can see the list of clubs and their cost. A Nightclub is a huge premise where you can also store vehicles. The modshop in it can store 3 new vehicles, while you can add 31 other personal vehicles also.

  • Downtown Vinewood Nightclub – $1,670,000
  • West Vinewood Nightclub – $1,700,000
  • Del Perro Nightclub – $1,645,000
  • Vespucci Canals Nightclub – 1,320,000
  • Strawberry Nightclub – $1,525,000
  • Mission Row Nightclub – $1,440,000
  • La Mesa Nightclub $1,500,000
  • Cypress Flats Nightclub – $1,370,000
  • LSIA Nightclub – $1,135,000
  • Elysian Island Nightclub – $1,080,000

Once you buy you have to play three small objectives, steal a Festival Bus from a desert and deliver it to a club. Next, you have to pick three staff members as taxi service and deliver them to the club. Finally, the last thing you have to do is get a Dj from LSIA. Every Nightclub has a Popularity Meter, you have to maintain it as it falls every day. You can use Promote your Nightclub to keep the meter high. It is possible to restrict Nightclub entries like you can set it as Friend + Crew only or Everyone. This restriction works separately for the Club, DJ Booth, Office, and Warehouse. Look for a computer that will help you to do all these changes in your club.

You can get free drinks at your Nightclub and it is not that you can drink them as much as you can. Slowly after taking a few shots, you will notice the character’s dizziness and few important options will not work. If you drink Macbeth you will pass out instantly and wake up in a random location. And if you have a lot of money you can waste some on a costly 365K Champagne, that you can spray in the club before drinking.

Which Is The Best Nightclub?

In the beginning, it is not simple to pick which is the best among this 10. Almost all Nightclubs in After Hours will have similar look and similar kind of business. So you have to pick a location that’s it, you are not actually buying a Nightclub you are paying for the location here. The choice of buying a Nightclub can also be on the basis of your budget. You can start with the cheapest one as the location does not really matter.

How To Change Nightclub Name?

You can change the name if your Nightclub in GTA Online After Hours, so at the start, you don’t really have to worry about the current name. It is not like you can put your own unique name you will have to pick one from below the list and pay a fee to change the name. Only Omega is free and for others, there is a cost.

  • Gefangnis – Cost $33.500
  • Paradise – Cost $33,500
  • The Palace – Cost $33,500
  • Studio Los Santos – Cost $33,500
  • Maisonette Los Santos – Cost $33,500
  • Galaxy – Cost $33,500
  • Technology – Cost $33,500
  • Tony’s Funhouse – Cost $33,500

Hire Technicians

You will have to assign technicians to products and so they can generate stock from your own business. The club is more like a money-making warehouse. The new utility trucks you see in the game are the new delivery trucks which can take heavy damage, so you can try selling items that have more demand. For upgrade you will have to spend a lot of money, like adding a new business will cost you around 100K, so you have to spend wisely. The same thing is applicable to the garage.

Night Club Upgrades

At the initial stages, you don’t really need an upgrade but you get three of them that you can try out later on. They are listed below along with what they offer.

  • Equipment Upgrade: Purchase this upgrade to install higher quality equipment. This will improve the productivity of your Warehouse Technicians allowing them to accrue Goods faster.
  • Staff Upgrade: Purchase this upgrade to hire additional Bartenders and Bouncers. This will reduce the daily popularity loss of the Nightclub.
  • Security Upgrade: Purchase this upgrade to install security guards and surveillance equipment. This will reduce the likelihood of the Nightclub being attacked by enemies.

You can go with the upgrades as and when required, but these are costly ones like the first one will offer you good sourcing of goods while the second will help you in boosting your Nightclub’s popularity and the last one will help your business security and adds a gun-locker in the office.

Nightclub Warehouse

The first basement comes with the Nightclub, and you can add up-to 72 creates in it. You also get a Vapid Speedo Van that can carry up to 119 crates in a single time. Tony will take a 10% cut in your profit. You can get 1% bony per enemy player in every session by this you can make slightly more amount. You will have to learn which of the creates are the most profitable for good money. All you have to do is assign the technician to the best products and you can earn a good amount of money pretty easily.

Earning Money From Nightclub?

There is a wall safe in Nightclub that can hold up-to 70,000 GTA$, you can earn 10K easily every day. You can get money every day that you can collect from the safe. The more popular your Nightclub is the more money you make, so it is always best to work on keeping the popularity meter high. This can be done by doing different promotion based business in the game. Nightclub popularity will be affected every day, to recover it you have to upgrade your staff. Another way to earn money fast is through Headhunter, you can easily make a good amount of cash in every 5 minutes by doing it. Look into the warehouse of Nightclub this is the place where you can make more money. You can also set an entrance fee that will give you some more money.

Nightclub Missions:

Every 15 minutes there will be a business battle, that will have 3 CEO’s or around 5 opponent players. There will be crates that will spawn around the area or sometime inside a vehicle. You just have gather this crate and carry it back to your Nightclub and you can get some good money. The spawn area is random, so do check properly. There are also sell missions that means you can sell some goods and make money. This can be tiring but it is a easy way to earn.

The above tips will defiantly help you out in playing the GTA Online After Hours DLC. You can share your best tips and advice in the comments section below.