Act I: The Data Breaches Walkthrough – GTA Online Doomsday Heist

GTA Online Weekly Update: September 12-18

Act 1: The Data Breaches in GTA Online Doomsday Heist has 3 Preps and 3 setups to progress to the finale. Below you can find the description of each objective. The missions are not very tough here. Playing in coordination will be a time saver, at many places you will have to drive through to make your way to the target.

GTA Online Act 1 Walkthrough

Doomsday Heist Walkthrough Act 1: The Data Breaches

  • Setup Cost: $65,000
  • Payout Pool: $650,000
  • Payout Pool (Hard): $812,500

As you reach the facility there will be a cutscene, and then from the planning screen, you can pick the mission. According to the mission description, you have to help Avon Hertz in tracking down multiple data breaches to help the government. Once you pick the mission on the screen you will find 3 Prep and 3 Setups. In order to unlock the setups, you have to play the corresponding prep. You will get Prep equipment by completing them, other ways to get them is stealing from rival Heist crew or buying them. For picking each Prep and Setup you have to get to the facility and select it from the planning screen.

Prep 1: Paramedic Equipment

  • Objective: Steal an ambulance containing paramedic equipment.

Doomsday Heist Act 1 Ambulance

Once you pick this prep you get a location to steal an ambulance. There will be a few cops whom you have to take down to get the vehicle. So drive to the location and take the ambulance and drive it back to the facility. Follow the yellow line on the map to reach the ambulance. After taking the ambulance the cops will follow you, escape them and get to the facility. Others will know about the prep equipment, and there will be an attack on you, you have to drive as fast as possible.

Setup 1: Dead Courier

  • Objective: Team 1 collects a dead agents cache of data from the morgue. Team 2 recovers the agent’s stolen helicopter.

Once you pick up the setup the objective splits into two teams. One team has to get the data from a morgue and another one has to get a stolen helicopter. Team 1 is the paramedics, they can simply enter the facility and scan the dead body. Team 2 is a chopper team. Organize your team for the objectives.

Team 1: If you are playing as the paramedics, then drive the stolen ambulance to the morgue. Once you reach you have to play in stealth. Once you are in cross the reception desk and turn right, take one more right and you will reach the cold storage. There are three bodies, investigate them all and then you have to go upstairs. Get back to the reception table, take the fire exit door. Take the first door on the right of lift that will lead you to stairs. Go up and after exiting the stairs, there is one more door straight ahead, don’t go left or right. Go up and you will have to fight with few police officers. There will be one ore inside, after killing him take the door on your right end, you will find a laptop here. Download the data and escape the morgue. You will have to fight with the police here so go slowly as you are out Team 2 will be waiting with a chopper.

Doomsday Heist Act 1 Savage

Team 2: If you are playing in the second team then there it is less difficult. You have to go to La Mesa and wait for the savage to arrive. You will see the chopper flying to El Burro Heights. This place is filled with guards, you have to kill them all and get a briefcase. After getting the same get to the chopper and fly to rescue Team 1.

At the end you have to lose the cops following you, once done reach the drop off point and this setup is complete. Go the facility planning screen for the next prep.

Prep 2: Deluxos

  • Objective: Fight your way through a security team to access the garage where the Dulexos are stored.

Doomsday Heist Act 1 Deluxo

After picking the mission you have to go to a mansion to steal the Deluxos. Once you got the location drive towards the location. At the entrance first, kill guards to find the key. You will have to keep killing the guards as you progress into the mansion. After killing them all go to the garage door and kill the guards inside. There will be three of them, use the cars to cover yourself. Take all the four cars and drive them to LS Customs. Re-spray the car for a new look and then take it to the facility. Next get back to the mansion once again and pick the second car. Follow the same process take it to LS Customs and then to the facility. Once done go to the planning screen and pick Setup 2.

Setup 2: Signal Intercepts

  • Objective: Use the Deluxos to get close to multiple target vehicles and hack them to recover the data packages.

Doomsday Heist Act 1 Data Target

After picking the mission, you will see the marker on the map, a purple line you have to follow to reach the vehicles for data packages. Once you reach the vehicles, pick the Deluxo and you will see the target from A to D. Each one of your team players can pick one target and drive towards. You have to take care that you go slow near the target and hack the data. Once you have it, you will have to destroy the target. Drive near the truck, you will be attacked by the guard inside, you have to maintain a distance if your Deluxo is destroyed the mission fails. Once you have the data destroy the target. Next head towards the ocean, there you will have to target 4 boats. You will get the floating ability as you reach near the water. Don’t drive into the water, the car will drown, so enable the hover ability first.

Doomsday Heist Act 1 Data Target Plane

Once done get to LSIA, an airport where you have to follow a Jumbo get. Follow the plane and you will get the flying ability unlocked. Get on the back of the plane, there will be choppers attack you, use the missiles to destroy them. Once the hack is over, destroy the plane. Then take Deluxo to the drop off point.

Prep 3: Akula

  • Objective: Infiltrate the control tower at Fort Zancudo to download the location of the Akula helicopter.

Pick the mission from the planning screen, and then go to Fort Zancudo. Once you are there, you have to enter the control tower. Enter from the door, you can use the elevators instead of stairs. A time will start and you have around 9 minutes to finish up your work. Once you are on the top of the tower, use the phone to begin data download. Stay there, the downloaded will be detected and you will earn a 4-star wanted level. Get back down, you will have to steal Akula next. Outside instead of going left, break the fences ahead and drive through it. Fly off the place, and follow the blue marker on the map. You will reach the airport, and find the chopper ahead. A few guards will get down, shoot them and take Akula, fly it back to the facility and lose the cops.

Setup 3: Server Farm

  • Objective: Land on the roof of the N.O.O.S.E. Government facility and infiltrate the server farm undetected to recover a data.

Doomsday Heist Act 1 Noose

This one is more like a stealth mission, in the objective you read that you have to be undetected. So you have to go slow. Staying in stealth also increases the difficulty level. Take Akula with your team, towards the roof of N.O.O.S.E. building. Get down and the first objective is to take out the security camera. Just shoot them, then go the rear entrance, and kill the guards. Kill more guards ahead and wait back. Once the head of security appears to kill him and get in the building. The entrance is on the sides, as you move you have to kill few more guards. Look for a metal railing door. Get inside, and look for a dead guard. That is the entrance, wait there till all the team reaches to the door. Once you are in, go down, you will reach the server farm.

Doomsday Heist Act 1 Noose Server Farm

Kill all the guards inside, next you will see three targets on the map. Go to the target, and you have to connect the nodes with each other. Any wrong connection will disappear while correct will stay active. You have to three more servers, you will also have to fight the incoming guards. Once done go up and enter the elevator. Get to the Akula, and fly off to the drop off point.


Once you successfully complete all the Prep and Setups, you will now enter the Finale. Go to the facility planning screen. After a cutscene, launch the mission. You will see the crew and the things you have to do next. It is not a tough part of the game. You will see the plan on the left, you have to view the same and select a Heist member to assign a cut for a specific role.

Doomsday Heist Act 1 Finale

Once you are done, go to IAA Base. There will be a lot of enemies around, as you reach the spot. You will see massive radio satellites, look for a red warning board. This one is the base. Get inside and kill the hackers inside. Keep on shooting them and go inside. You will reach near the base area, you have to kill the hackers inside. Once done, go to the War Room. Depending on the role you will get things to do, take the gun camera, and use it to kill enemies outside. This will go for few minutes unless all enemies outside are dead. Once done there will be a cutscene. This is the end of Act 1, you can get back to the facility to being Act 2 The Bogdan Problem. Read our Act II: The Bodgan Problem Walkthrough now.