How to unlock Survival Mode in Grand Theft Auto Online

Fight for your life in Survival Mode.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While playing Grand Theft Auto Online, you will have no shortage of varying game modes and activities to participate in. Tons of content and game modes like heists to races have been added to the game since Grand Theft Auto V came out years ago. As is the case with many other multiplayer shooters, GTA Online has a Survival mode. Here is how to unlock it.

To unlock Survival mode in Grand Theft Auto Online, you first need to play enough to reach level 15. It really shouldn’t take you too long to do. If you play some jobs, you will reach that threshold in no time.

Once you reach level 15, you need to play through the Industrial Plant as a tutorial for Survival mode. Ron will be in contact with you about it. Complete that, and you are free to go into survival mode whenever you please.

To get into a Survival match, look for a shield with a cross on the map. You can also open the game’s menus, go to the Online tab, select Jobs, Play Job, and then choose Rockstar or community-created Survival jobs. If there is a green checkmark by the shield, that means you have played that Survival map before.

Screenshot by Gamepur

One to four people can play in a Survival match, and like other jobs, you can refill yourself on ammo and body armor before the game begins. During the match, you can also pick up guns, health, and armor to help you survive longer against the waves of enemies.