Guardians of the Countryside – Genshin Impact

Time to pick some flowers.

Image via Gamepur

Guardians of the Countryside is a Lantern Rite Tale in Genshin Impact. To begin the quest, fast-travel to Qingce Village and speak with Zhi. She will need help finding three different flowers.

Zhi will need some Qingxin that grows at the top of mountains in the Liyue region. She will also need some Calla Lily that can grow near water and some Lotus Head that will grow directly in water.

Unfortunately, you can’t give Zhi any flowers you have already picked and will need to follow the waypoints to get the mission items. The easiest way to get to the Qingxin is from the back of Qingce, climb the ladders there as high as you can, then climb from ledge to ledge up the cliff, resting to get your stamina back.

For the Calla Lily, you will need to kill a bunch of Slimes that will spawn in at the waypoint, as they ate the flowers. The Lotus Head will only appear at night time, between 12:00 and 06:00, so if you need to pass time use the clock icon on the left side of the main menu.

When that is complete, return to Zhi and speak with her, then go talk to Ms. Bai to finish up the mission. You will earn 30 Primogems and 20000 Mora for completing this quest. There is no Festive Fever reward from this Lantern Rite Tale, as your Festive Fever should be maxed out by now.