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Hi-Fi Rush vs No Straight Roads – All differences and similarities

They are identical, but still, there are differences in many gameplay mechanics.

Hi-Fi Rush and No Straight Roads are two popular rhythm-based action games that offer unique gameplay experiences to their players. Both games have unique features and gameplay mechanics that make them stand out. However, many fans have pointed out that Hi-Fi Rush borrows elements from No Straight Roads, which was released in August 2020, due to their similar gameplay style. Of course, they are not identical to the core despite delivering a somewhat similar gaming experience. As much as there are similarities between the two games, there are many differences, and if you are interested in knowing them, we’ve listed them below.

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Hi-Fi Rush vs. No Straight Roads — gameplay mechanics differences

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Hi-Fi Rush is a fast-paced rhythm game where players have to match the beats of the music to defeat their enemies. The game has numerous stages, each with a distinctive soundtrack and challenges. Players can also alter their characters’ appearance and weapons to fit their preferred playing style.

On the other hand, No Straight Roads is an action-packed rhythm game set in a society where music is everything. Players must use their musical abilities to defeat their foes to progress in the game. Players can either select Mayday or Zuke, each with different playstyles.

Hi-Fi Rush vs. No Straight Roads — Similarities, explained

As mentioned before, both Hi-Fi Rush and No Straight Roads are rhythm-based games that require players to match the beats of the music to progress. They also offer a variety of levels with unique soundtracks that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Additionally, players can customize their characters’ appearance and weapons.

Hi-Fi Rush vs. No Straight Roads — Differences, explained

The main difference between Hi-Fi Rush and No Straight Roads is the gameplay mechanics. Hi-Fi Rush focuses more on rhythm-based combat, while No Straight Roads combines rhythm-based combat and platforming elements. Additionally, No Straight Roads features a story-driven campaign mode with fully voiced characters, while Hi-Fi Rush focuses more on arcade-style gameplay.

Another significant difference between the two games is the art style. Hi-Fi Rush features a retro 80s-inspired aesthetic with bright neon colors and pixelated graphics. In contrast, No Straight Roads features a more modern and detailed art style, vibrant colors, and smooth animations.

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