Hints and tips for completing the Haunted Forest in Festival of the Lost 2020 – Destiny 2

The Haunted Forest is open.

Destiny 2

The Festival of the Lost 2020 event has started in Destiny 2. It’s the spooky time of the year where Guardians have the chance to don their favorite Festival of the Lost mask to partake in an exclusive event, collecting Strange Chocolate Coins and candy to turn into Eva who is coordinating the entire ordeal. She has plenty of prizes awaiting you, but the main event is happening in the Haunted Forest.

Festival of the Lost will be available from October 6 to November 3, giving players a full month to earn rewards. Each week, players can receive a Pinnacle gear drop by completing at least seven Haunted Forest branches in a single run, which is easier said than done. Here are some methods to make it easier to acquire the best rewards.

Don’t respawn until forced

A genuinely annoying trait of the Haunted Forest is that when one of your fireteam members dies and revive themselves rather than wait for you to respawn, they begin at the start of the branch. It can send them back a good chunk of the way, and unless you only have a few more enemies to kill before clearing a branch, an ally can take forever to return to your location. If you die, it’s better to wait for a teammate to respawn you, so you start where you left off and don’t waste time jumping through the dark to catch up.

Use power weapons on Daemons

The Daemons in the haunted forest are incredibly powerful, and they can be challenging to fight because of how damage they hit with. Whenever you see one, it’s better to use your power weapon against them and make short work of them. You don’t want to go too far and use your super against them because you can save that for the boss. A power weapon is your best option, and it helps you advance to the next area of the branch much quicker.

Keep moving – check your mini-map

Forward progression is key to completing the Haunted Forest in a timely fashion. It’s easy to lose yourself in the dark when attempting to clear out as many enemy NPCs as you can see. If you find yourself lost in the dark, try to look at your mini-map to see where the nearest enemy is and hunt them down.

Check your modifiers

For each new branch of the Haunted Forest you enter, things become more difficult. The enemies are more potent, and there are additional negative modifiers you have to deal with. The common effects are blackout and glass. The former prevents you from seeing your mini-map, whereas the latter halves your shields and health, but your recovery is much faster. Keep an eye on these, or you could find yourself sent back to the start of the branch.

Always open doors

While the Haunted Forest event’s goal is for you and your team to clear it of enemies and make it to the boss, that doesn’t mean you want to forgo opening doors. If you make it a door and no Daemons have it locked, open it and keep going in. Your teammates can catch up with you, and they make even kill enemies you missed while you were stumbling in the dark to beat the timer. Opening a door introduces new enemies, and the more you kill, the faster you complete a branch.

You have 15 minutes to complete a Haunted Forest, and if you clear seven branches, you earn your weekly Pinnacle Gear drop. By completing this challenge each week, you can earn at least four unique Pinnacle Gear drops before the end of Festival of the Lost.