Hitman 3 Featured Contract – Broken Sled Silent Assassin guide

Do Santa’s dirty work for him, 47.


Broken Sled is a Featured Contract themed around Christmas. In it, you need to kill five targets without changing your disguise or pacifying anyone, including your targets. This guide provides a route through the mission to complete it with the rank of Silent Assassin.


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For this route, you’ll need to start in the Dining Area starting location, which gives you the Asado Chef disguise. We’d also recommend bringing along any silenced pistol — ours is the Goldballer — the fiber wire, and a lockpick. All of these are essential.

Step 1: The machinery guard

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We’d recommend taking this target out first because you’ve got more chances of being spotted while trying to kill them than with any others. If you mess things up, you won’t have to repeat yourself too much if you try to take this target down from the start. From your spawning point, head down the stairs at the back of the rooftop dining area to get into the main reception. Pick up some bottles of wine from the tables, and then head to the back of the room, where there’s a metal staircase down into the winery machinery.

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Turn right at the bottom of the stairs and slide down the ladder. You’ll end up behind a silo full of wine near your target. You need to throw a bottle of wine to the right to distract the guard and get him away from your target. Then, you can pull him over the pipe he’s leaning against and snap his neck. Be sure to snap his neck and not subdue him, or you’ll fail an objective. Alternatively, you can peek out to get the target to almost spot you when you throw the distraction, drawing him around to your location. Then you can shoot him in the head. Hide his body by the nearby silo and go back up the ladder and into the main reception again.

Step 2: Internal security guard

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Make your way out of the reception building through the back door. You need to go through the shortcut door in the wall. If you don’t have this shortcut unlocked, you’ll need to unlock it before following this route or instead find an alternative. See below for a map reference for the shortcut door.

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Go through the doorway and then use the lockpick to unlock the entrance on your left as you walk down the path. Follow the corridor and go through the locker room to avoid the guard and camera. None of the guards in this early part will move, so they won’t spot you. Go through the door at the end of the corridor and you’ll see your target, but you can’t kill them yet. Grab the fire axe from the wall next to the door you entered through and head around the corner. Use the fire axe to draw your target over to your position, grab them, and snap their neck. You can hide their body in the container behind you.

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Step 3: The armed guard

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Open the door at the end of this corridor that leads to the security room. You need to wait for the guard on the right to finish his drink and turn around. Then you can rush through and turn right down the next corridor without the guard on the left spotting you.

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Go to the bottom of the stairs here and wait. The target is the guard in the room at the bottom. When he moves to the left, open the door and throw your fire axe on the last step of the stairs to draw him in. Pick it up, head to the top of the stairs, and lean against the wall. Wait for him to come into the stairway, then shoot him in the head. You can drag his body up the stairs and dump it in a container.

Step 4: The villa guard

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Return to the path by the sea where you first entered the facility following the route you took to kill the above targets. Your disguise will allow you to move up to the villa and out to its entrance, where your next target is standing guard. Pick up the brick on the floor, or use one of the wine bottles you grabbed earlier to draw the guard into the nearby flowers. Garrote the guard when he’s in the flowers, then you can leave his body hidden there.

Step 5: The cellar guard

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Run back down to your starting location and look at the bar on this rooftop. Behind it is a door that you need to go through. Be careful as you do so because you’ll be trespassing once you’re inside, so close the door behind you.

There’s an NPC in here taking stock. You need to get behind him and throw an object to his right. As he moves over there, you can get past him and go through the shortcut door into the cellar. If you haven’t unlocked this shortcut, you’ll need to before you can complete this route. Inside, you can lean against the wall, draw over your final target, and snap their neck. Drag their body into the next room to ensure it isn’t accidentally found.

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To exit, shoot the wall behind the NPC to scare them away. One shot will do, and it won’t ruin your Silent Assassin rating. Then, leave the area and find an exit to complete the mission.