Hitman 3 Featured Contract – I am Vegan Silent Assassin guide

This vegan has been pushed too far, 47.


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I am Vegan is one of the funniest Featured Contracts to be added to Hitman 3. It was created by a member of the Hitman 3 community and tasks players with killing three targets, all of whom are forcing Don Yates’ partner to handle meat even though they know she’s vegan. This guide covers how you complete the mission with a rank of Silent Assassin.


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The loadout for this mission is quite specific. You must bring the lethal poison vial, a briefcase, and the remote emetic gas device. It doesn’t matter which item you put in the briefcase because we’ll be reorganizing it all on the fly. The best starting location is the Parking Lot, and we’ve opted to go with The Profligacy Suit since it looks fabulous.

Step 1: Get a waiter disguise

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From your starting location, grab the invitation next to the man on the phone in the central circle nearby. Below is a map reference for the invitation.

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Use this to get into the party and then make your way up to the restaurant. First, you need to find the bar to the left of all the tables, where a waitress will be standing serving drinks. Next, you need to go through the doors behind her to find a waiter’s disguise. If she almost spots you, hide in the locker to the immediate left of the inside of the door.

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Once you’re inside, drop the briefcase and whatever pistol you brought with you. Then, head to the end of the corridor and subdue the waiter that’s messing around with the trolley. Hide his body in the locker and take his disguise. Before you do anything else, you need to make sure you have the lethal poison vial in your inventory and conceal the remote emetic gas device in the briefcase.

Step 2: Bring Yates to you

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Leave the area behind the bar and head up the stairs to the right as you exit the door. There’s a pair of guards up here who need to frisk you, which is why it’s important that you left all illegal items downstairs. Get through the frisk and go to the red van. Pick up one of the torches behind it and go back downstairs to the fire pit with loads of pig meat around it.

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Use the torch to light the fire pit, and then find a quiet area to drop the torch, so you don’t have to carry it around all the time. This will trigger an event that draws Don Yates to the area, allowing you to kill him.

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Step 3: Kill the targets

Go back to the corridor where you dumped your briefcase and pistol and pick them up. Then, go out into the restaurant and make your way to the head table. You need to find the place market for Don Yates, which is pretty much in the middle of the table on the far side.

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Wait nearby until a waiter comes over and places some food down in front of the seat. You now need to poison the food with the lethal poison vial. After quite a long time, Don Yates will eat the food and die, but because it’ll be accidental, it doesn’t matter if anyone finds the body.

You don’t need to do anything else to kill Don Yates, so move over to the chef brothers by the fire pit. Wait for them to stand close together, probably while one of them is chopping meat and the other is about to walk away. When they’re standing like this, use the emetic remote gas device, and it will cause emetic gas to explode from your briefcase. This will poison both chefs and cause them to go their separate ways and throw up.

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The chefs will go their separate ways. You need to follow the one that walks away from the party instead of towards it. This chef will make their way to a railing where they can be sick without anyone seeing. Push them over the railing for an accidental kill.

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The second chef is throwing up too close to the party for you to push them over the railing. Instead, go into the nearby flower bed and wait for them to finish being sick. When they are, they’ll start to walk away. Throw your briefcase against the edge of the planter to distract them and draw them to you. When they come in, subdue them and then snap their neck.

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Now you can go downstairs and into the vineyard to wait for Don Yates to die. He’ll eat the food, die, and then you can leave through this area without anyone knowing you were there.

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