Hitman 3 Featured Contract | The Deepest Dive Silent Assassin guide

The final task from MinnMax for you 47.


As part of the February roadmap of content, Hitman 3 has received five new Featured Contracts, each put together by members of The MinnMaxShow. In this guide, we’ll cover how you can complete the fifth and final one of these Featured Contracts, The Deepest Dive, with a Silent Assassin rank.

The Deepest Dive brief


The brief for this Featured Contract is the only one involving an actual target from the main campaign mission in Dubai. This makes it the hardest out of the five that The MinnMaxShow added, including Two Ends‘ time trial nightmare.

The only complication on this Featured Contract is that there’s a single exit available to you once you’re done. There’s no optional disguise for bonus points, but there is an optional kill method of the letter opener for Muayid Sofran and a fall for Carl Ingram.

We’ll be hitting both of these and the Suit Only challenge in this guide.

Simple loadout


We’re keeping things simple and accessible for this run. The entry point is the Atrium. The only items you need are a silenced pistol and the coins. It doesn’t hurt to bring an object you can throw at NPCs, such as the snow globe, with you. However, there are enough in this run that you shouldn’t need it.

Step 1 – The long run to the penthouse

We’ll be taking both targets out in the penthouse. Getting there unseen requires patience. First, run up the stairs from where you spawn to the Garden. You’ll need to head right at the top of the stairs to the only area where there are plants.


Below is a map reference for the Garden.


Vault over the balcony on the right-hand side. You need to shimmy all the way along the building until you reach the platform.


Once you reach the platform, vault into the scaffold and open the window with your camera. There are two technicians in this room, and we need to get through it.


There are two ways to handle this room. You can take out both technicians and dump their bodies out of the windows here. They won’t die, so it still counts for Silent Assassin rank. However, it’s easier to wait until the female technician walks over to the male one and then run past them both to the corridor on the right at the back of the room.


Once again, we have two options from this point. The safest method is to wait for the guard to walk away from his position near the ladder in the distance. In the image above, the ladder is behind the blue mats.

Once he’s gone, you then need to hide by the ladder and wait for the technician to move away as well. Then you need to grab the crowbar and climb the ladder. From there, you must shimmy along to the next platform ahead of the one the ladder is connected to.


The second method of dealing with this corridor is to ignore that ladder and take the door on the left in the image below.


Turn left inside the room and you’ll see a ladder. Climb it and run through the opening in the wall on your left. Then turn left and follow the walkway all the way along. Shimmy across the two ledges between the platforms.

When you’re on the third platform along, you’ll see a blue tarp over some railing to your left. Use instinct to check when the NPCs on the other side of the tarp aren’t looking, then vault over it. In the blue toolbox ahead of you is a crowbar. Take it.


While this method is more interesting and engaging, it’s definitely riskier.

Now vault back over the blue tarp, and you’ll be at the same point you would be if you’d followed the first method.

From this platform, you can see a camera to the left in the hall over the balcony to your right. Shoot that camera out.


Now use instinct to check where the guard to the right of that balcony is. When he moves away into the distance, vault over the balcony and move left down this corridor.


Keep moving left until you see the door to the penthouse suite on the left wall in this corridor. It’s right at the end.


Below is a map reference for this door’s location.


Step 2 – Get the letter opener

Now you’re in the penthouse suite, climb the stairs all the way up. Go through the door and make your way into the lounge area. There’s a guard in here who has a patrol that takes him from one side of the room to the other. Use the bar as cover, and wait for him to move.


Wait until the guard is moving from the left of the bar towards the windows. Before he gets to the point that he’s at in the image above, knock him out with the crowbar. You can hide his body in the black box that’s behind Agent 47 in this same image.

With the guard out of the way, head over to the doorway on the opposite side of the room to the way you entered. Use instinct to check if a target is in there, and lean against the wall.


If your target is in here, wait until he goes upstairs. His two bodyguards will follow. Eventually, the cleaner will go about her business, and the guard will sit down on the couch.

When the guard sits down, move into the room and sneak past him using the counter behind him as cover. The letter opener is on the desk on the far side of the room.


If the cleaner is in a position where she might spot you, wait behind the counter for her to move away. When the coast is clear, take this weapon. It’s also worth grabbing both Fabergé eggs on the counter as well. These might be useful later.

Step 3 – Get to Muayid

Now you need to head back to the entrance to this room. Instead of leaving the way you entered, head up the stairs and stop on the first landing between the staircases.


Once you’re on the first landing, you’ll need to wait. You have to allow time for your target to lean against the balcony up here and walk away. When he does, his two bodyguards will follow him.


There is one guard who will patrol the area regularly. He moves from the door of the rooftop section over to the balcony and back again. As he walks away from the doorway closest to you, sneak up and out of the stairs and follow him closely.

When he’s close to the balcony, hit him in the head with the crowbar. Alternatively, you can sneak off to the right of him and watch him lean against the balcony. Then you can distract him and knock him out by throwing something hard.


Drag his body over to this left-hand corner of the rooftop section. If you leave him in the corner, no one will ever find the body. Make sure you drop his weapon here too.


With that guard out of the way, head back to where he was. Just around the corner, there’s a locked door that leads to the Guest Room. Use the crowbar to break it open. This will come into play later.


On the opposite side of this rooftop section is a small corridor. You’ll be able to see at least one target over here, though both will be present at times. There’s also an NPC with a patrol that takes them from the hoover in the corridor into the bathroom on the left and back out. When this NPC goes into the bathroom, follow them.


Below is a map reference for this bathroom.


Take this NPC out and hide them in the container in the bathroom. Now turn on both taps in here and wait.

We need to hold off on doing anything else until Carl Ingram has left the room nearby. He has two bodyguards with him who will get in the way of killing Muayid. Use instinct to watch while he goes.


As Ingram and his two guards leave, there’s a chance that one of them will come to investigate the bathroom distraction. Hide in the chest if they do. Once they come in, you can sneak up behind them and take them out. Hide their body in the container.

If they don’t, it’s not the end of the world. We’re going to take them out later anyway.

Regardless of whether a bodyguard investigates, the next step is to head out into the corridor and turn on the hoover there. This will distract the cleaner in the next room, and draw her out.

Once the cleaner is out, she’ll then become distracted by the taps in the bathroom. Hide behind the door or in the container, whichever is available to you. When she comes in, take her down.


Don’t worry if the container is already full at this point. No one else is coming into this bathroom as long as you turn the taps off. You can just leave the body in the corner.


Now you need to make your way into the next room, where the cleaner came from. There’s a guard in here, and in the next room on from it is your first target. Subdue the guard, but leave his body where it falls. Make sure you pick up his gun now though.


Instead of hiding the body now, make your way to the doorway where you can see Muayid standing at the bar. Flip a coin into the opposite corner of that room. When he’s distracted, throw the letter opener into his skull.


Now you can hide the guard’s body in the wardrobe in that same room. As for Muayid’s body, throw it over the balcony edge. No one will discover it there. Make sure you dump the guard’s weapon out here too.

Step 4 – Kill Carl Ingram

To take down Carl Ingram, we need to go back to the rooftop section where we subdued a guard earlier. You’ll also remember that we opened the Guest Room door. Head to that door and hide on the inside of it.

Carl Ingram will emerge on the rooftop with his bodyguards. If you took one of the bodyguards out earlier, you can skip taking out the second one. If you didn’t, then hold fast in this doorway.

A bodyguard will investigate the door on his way to the balcony. As he does, flip a coin just inside the Guest Room. When the bodyguard approaches, subdue him from behind the door. Drag his body to the far side of the bed, the side without the door that’s stuck open.


Now you’ll have a clear path to sneak around on the right-hand side of the rooftop while Ingram is leaning against the balcony. Flip a coin towards the doorway to the stairs you came up earlier to distract the second bodyguard.

When he moves away, push Ingram over the edge. This will accomplish all optional objectives and net you additional experience.


Step 5 – Exit

Now you need to wait. The bodyguard will head downstairs to investigate how his boss fell over the railing.


Stay here until the guards have dragged Ingram’s body away and are back in their normal positions. Once that’s happened, head into the Guest Room. A guard patrols the hall outside the inner door to this room. Wait for him to stop outside that door, take him out, and put his body with the bodyguard’s. No one will find them.


Once the body is hidden, go back through the door and turn right. Your first right-hand turn should be a staircase.


In one movement, you need to get down these stairs, turn right, and get into the lounge once more. There will now be another guard stationed in here. Take him out and dump his body in the black container.

Make your way out of the penthouse using the same long staircase that you entered through. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left.


Open the window, and vault outside. You need to vault over the scaffolding and shimmy along the ledge here.


Follow the ledge to the end, slide down the pole, and shimmy all the way back on yourself. It’s the only path you can take, and you’ll find some more scaffolding at the end. Open the window and wait for the NPCs on the other side to finish smoking.


When they’ve moved off, vault into this room and go through the doorway on the right. At the top of the stairs, stop at the door marked Laundry.


You need to take out the NPC on the other side of this door. You can hide his body in the laundry bin. Open the black and gold door and immediately run through. This is the bathroom for the bar, but if you’re seen in the Laundry Room then you could be compromised.

Once you’re in the bathroom, head back to the Garden. You need to follow the same path you took to get to the room with two technicians.


Once you’re here again, you’ll notice that the exit is just off to the left. It’s the parachute exit. To get there, wait for these NPCs to both be standing near the lights at the back of the room.

Now vault into the room and run to the left. Go through the automatic doors, and you’ll see the exit marked on the platform here. Take it and end this with your well-earned Silent Assassin rank.