Hitman 3 Featured Contract | Two Ends Silent Assassin guide

There is no room for error or delay 47.


Out of the five new Featured Contracts created by the MinnMaxShow for Hitman 3’s February roadmap, this one may be the toughest. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete Two Ends with a Silent Assassin rank.

Your brief


As with the other Featured Contracts in the MinnMax collection, this one has two targets for you to kill. While there’s no disguise requirement, there is an optional kill method of electrocution for Lisa Thorn and an explosive device for Akbar Salam.

The complication for this Featured Contract is a time limit of 1:20. That’s one minute and twenty seconds, which seems like barely enough time to reach your targets at first.

This run will take a lot of practice to get right. However, we can assure you that not only is it possible, but it’s possible with a Silent Assassin rank as well. Follow our guide to the letter, and you’ll see that satisfying rank at the end of the mission.

The perfect loadout


The only way to complete this Featured Contract is by using the Art Installation starting location. You’ll also need the ICA Remote Explosive MKIII and the ICA Remote Micro Taser. you can unlock all of these by completing more Contracts in Dubai.

Step 1 – Plant the bomb

From spawn, get up the ladder next to Agent 47 as fast as possible. Turn right and run through the doorway on the left. Continue left here past the equipment and towards the balcony. You need to vault over that balcony.


Turn left and open the door. The first target is sleeping in a chair here. Place the explosive device on the floor under his chair. Then grab the banana on his desk. It might not seem important now, but it’s essential.


Leave the way you came and hop back over the railing. Now run to the end of this metal walkway and slide down the ladder. By the time you’re here, your next target should either be at the laptop and far away from you or heading there.


Run over to the water cooler, which is near the other technician in this room. Place the Micro Taser on the floor in front of it. Anywhere near the electrical outlet is perfect.


Now you need to run over to where your second target is. She should be typing away on a laptop. Pick up the screwdriver on the pallet to her left. Run back to the water cooler and pop it with that screwdriver.


As soon as you’re done with the water cooler, run to the left so that you’re behind the second NPC here. Throw the banana at his head to knock him out. This is important because it’ll stop him from dying or discovering your kill later. Both of which will ruin your Silent Assassin rank.

Now you can leave this area through the automatic doors to your left. They’re opposite the ladder you came down earlier. Run past the table with the swinging targets and along the walkway that leads to a ladder. As you do this, equip the detonator for the Remote Taser, but don’t use it yet.


Stop to pick up the helicopter key on this walkway. At this point, you should get a notification to show you that your water cooler distraction is being investigated. Detonate the Remote Taser and then climb the ladder.


As you climb, you should get a notification to show you that your first target has been successfully electrocuted. At the top of the ladder, crouch, and move left to avoid being spotted.

Now you can use your second detonator to activate the explosive you set earlier. This will kill your second target.

Get onto the helipad and get to the chopper. After a few milliseconds, the exit prompt will show, and you can leave.