Hitman World of Assassination – Kick Back Kimono Challenge Guide

Agent 47 can relax in the laid-back Kick Back Kimono Challenge in Hitman World of Assassination. The reward is VIP Patient Suit.


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The Kick Back Kimono Challenge in Hitman World of Assassination requires Agent 47 to lie on several beds and tables across the Hokkaido location while wearing the VIP Patient Kimono. However, finding all of these beds isn’t easy in a kimono, and there’s one that players might even miss entirely. That’s why we put together this guide for completing The Kick Back Kimono Challenge, so no one misses out on the reward.

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How to Complete the Kick Back Kimono Challenge in Hitman World of Assassination

To complete the Kick Back Kimono Challenge in Hitman World of Assassination, players need to make Agent 47 lie down and hide on one bed and four tables in the morgue and Tobias Rieper’s Room. This is a tricky challenge because of the wording used in the description, and it had us searching the morgue for much longer than we needed to until we realized we’d missed the easiest bed in this challenge.

Where to find Agent 47’s bed

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The first bed is in Tobias Rieper’s Room, and most players will skip it. This room is the first starting area in the Hokkaido location, and it’s the only way to get Agent 47 into the VIP Kimono. Players need to start a mission in the Hokkaido location from this location to get Agent 47 into the correct suit. Then, they need to have him stand up and get back into bed. This will trigger the first bed in the Kick Back Kimono challenge to be ticked off.

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The rest of the tables are located in the morgue. To get there, players can run out of the starting room and into the main atrium of the spa. After that, they should run outside and head for the back corner of the garden. See the above image for a map reference for this exact location. Once the gardener looks away, they can slide down the drainpipe and climb onto the ledge below. Deal with the guard and move down the stairs, but take the first door on the right. When they’re inside again, players need to take the door on the left and go up the stairs to get to the morgue.

Where to Find all the Tables in the Morgue in Hokkaido in Hitman World of Assassination

We’ve outlined where players can find all the tables required in the morgue to complete the challenge below.

Morgue Table 1

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The first table in the morgue is at its entrance. See below for a map reference for it.

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Players should watch the doctors in the nearby room when Agent 47 gets on and off of this table, because they can spot him moving in this area.

Morgue Table 2

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The second table is just down the hall from the first, next to the doctors examining a corpse. See below for a map reference.

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As with the first table, players will need to keep a cautious eye on the doctors to avoid getting caught.

Morgue Table 3

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The third table in the morgue can be found by taking the corridor to the left of the doctors and then turning right into the room with rows of cadavers and the biker’s body. See below for a map reference.

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No one should see Agent 47 getting onto this table, but it’s best to keep an eye out just to be sure.

Morgue Table 4

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The last table in the morgue is in the hallway outside of the security room entrance/exit. This room is at the end of the hall from the third morgue table and has a guard inside. See below for a map reference.

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To reach this table, Agent 47 is going to need to subdue or kill a few NPCs. For this reason, it’s best not to attempt to complete this challenge while doing a Silent Assassin run of Hokkaido.

How to Get the VIP Patient Suit

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To get the VIP Patient Suit, players need to complete the Kick Back Kimono Challenge in Hokkaido, complete the mission, and exit the location. Having Agent 47 lie on every bed and table and quit is not enough. Once the mission has been completed, the new suit is added to Agent 47’s wardrobe in an unlock screen.