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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get The Room of Requirement Golden Snitch Chest

Hogwarts Legacy players can locate and loot a special Golden Snitch chest in the Room of Requirement, but getting to it is tricky.

In Hogwarts Legacy, the quest The Room of Requirement takes place almost entirely in the room it was named for – known as a secret location inside of Hogwarts castle. Shortly after entering the room with Professor Weasley, she’ll become distracted by some old memorabilia she finds, and will suggest that you explore the Room of Requirement on your own.

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Almost immediately after an area filled with paper lanterns, a Golden Snitch will fly past you. It’s so small and so quick that you might not even see it, but your character will notice and comment, “What was that? Was that a Golden Snitch?”

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Can you get the Golden Snitch in the Room of Requirement?

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You can’t actually get the Golden Snitch. Its purpose is actually to show the location of some hard-to-get Hogwarts Legacy loot. The Snitch goes into the area ahead and hovers above a chest, but players aren’t able to reach the location on foot. They can, however, reach the chest with the aid of some spellcraft.

How to get the Golden Snitch chest

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Use Accio to pull the trunk out of the gap on the right, then crawl through the gap. Turn left, and use Accio to pull the box behind the planks towards you. It won’t reach you, but that’s ok. You just need to move it so that it’s out of the way.

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Now crawl back out through the gap, and look through the planks into the area on the left of the talking painting. On the far side of that area is another box; this one with a chest on top. Use Accio again to pull that box towards you, so that you can open it through the gap in the planks. This can be a bit tricky and awkward, and might take a few attempts, but it can be done — and the Hogwarts Legacy gear inside the chest is worth the trouble.

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