What to do when your gear slots are full in Hogwarts Legacy

You don’t have enough inventory space for those items.

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You’ll pick up a wide assortment of gear while playing Hogwarts Legacy. These gear items will appear on your character, and fill out their stats to make them more powerful while you play. Unfortunately, you have a limited number of item slots for your gear, and if you don’t do anything with them, it’s possible you won’t be able to pick up gear pieces moving forward. Here’s what you need to do when your gear slots are full in Hogwarts Legacy.

Should you sell or destroy gear in Hogwarts Legacy?

You can take three options to get rid of any unwanted gear. The first option is to go into your inventory and destroy them. You can do this by selecting any gear slots in your inventory, picking the item you want to remove, and holding down the Destroy choice. This will remove the gear piece from your inventory and frees up a slot for an item you want to add to your collection. It’s important to note that this does nothing to benefit you outside of freeing up a slot in your inventory.

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The next choice is to visit any of the vendors in Hogwarts Legacy and choose to sell them your unwanted gear. You can do this for any item you have in your inventory that your character is not wearing. Not only does this free up a slot in your inventory, but it gives you a small amount of gold in exchange. Of the two choices, this is the preferred path to ensure you have a decent amount of money to buy new items and gear from the various vendors in Hogwarts Legacy.

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The final option is to complete Merlin Trials. You’ll eventually unlock additional inventory slots if you complete enough Merlin Trials while exploring Hogwarts Legacy. This will give you more inventory slots to house your gear.

If you sell or destroy any gear piece you find while playing Hogwarts Legacy, you can still wear the item in your appearance tab. It is purely cosmetic while wearing your real gear.