Honkai: Star Rail – How to complete Hook’s Treasure

His name is Jujun and he shall be mine.

Hook Cutscene

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Honkai: Star Rail’s Hook is the fearless leader of The Moles adventure squad. She’s not just a regular adventurer but a self-proclaimed boss lady. During her companion questline, she’ll task players with Hook’s Treasure. In this quest, she’ll ask players to help her hunt down a treasure she holds dear to her heart. As an honorary member of the Moles, players can’t refuse her.

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How to start Hook’s Treasure

Hook's Treasure Quest Start
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To unlock Hook’s treasure, reach Trailblaze Level 18, complete the Trailblaze Mission “Not Good with Farewells” and Hook’s previous companion quest, “Old Foreman’s Treasure.” Then, a message from Hook asking to meet her at Natasha’s Clinic space anchor in Boulder Town will hit the player’s inbox, ultimately kicking off the quest.

How to find Julian’s treasure in Hook’s Treasure

Julian's treasure in Hook's Treasure
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The first destination is Rivet Town. Open up the map and teleport there. Make your way to the staircase and climb it to reach Hook. She’ll ask for help to find Julian’s treasure. If playing on a small screen, it’s easy to walk right past it time and time again without notice. Players should keep their eyes peeled for a sparkle atop a table in a marked yellow area on the mini-map.

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How to find Hook’s treasure

Fixing Hook's Treasure
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After that, it’s time to find Hook’s treasure at the Orphanage space anchor on top of multiple crates near the exit icon on the mini-map. However, be prepared to defeat some enemies at the front entrance of the orphanage before the treasure hunt.

There’s a hidden treasure in the orphanage. To uncover it, players will need to use Findie. Julian’s Time Capsule is under the brown slide, while Hook’s teddy bear is in front of the fences. It can be spotted lying on the floor in nearby crates. 

Once all the treasures have been bagged, it’s time to head back to Boulder Town. First, players should go to Natasha’s Clinic space anchor and get that doll fixed. Then, look for Hook outside and put an end to this quest.