Honkai: Star Rail Pity System, Explained

Here’s when you can expect your next 5-star character.

Image via HoYoverse

Honkai: Star Rail is the space-based gacha game from the creators of Genshin Impact, HoYoverse. This game features a similar open-world exploration as Genshin Impact but changes the combat to be turn-based instead of Genshin Impact’s action-based gameplay. Despite this, Honkai: Star Rail still lives and breathes off of its characters, each with a unique design, personality, and skill set. As it goes with gacha games, you’ll have to pull out your wallet to acquire your favorites in the game. Fortunately, like with Genshin Impact, HoYoverse has introduced a pity system into Honkai: Star Rail to ensure that you can get your favorite character in due time.

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How does the pity system in Honkai: Star Rail work?

There are four different banners in Honkai: Star Rail. There’s the Character Event Warp, which is similar to the Character Event Wish banner in Genshin Impact that features a new 5-star character to pull for. The Light Cone Event Warp allows you to pull for new weapons. The Regular Warp is similar to the Standard Banner in Genshin Impact, which allows you to pull for a predetermined list of characters and weapons. Finally, the Departure Warp is the Starter Warp in the game and disappears after 50 pulls which also guarantees a 5-star character.

The pity system works as follows:

Character Event Warp banner4-star guaranteed after 10 pulls.5-star guaranteed after 90 pulls.
Light Cone Event Warp banner4-star guaranteed after 10 pulls.5-star guaranteed after 80 pulls.
Regular Warp banner4-star guaranteed after 10 pulls.5-star guaranteed after 90 pulls.
Departure Warp banner4-star guaranteed after 10 pulls.5-star guaranteed after 50 pulls.

Note, that for the Character Event Wish and Departure Banner, you can only pull 5-star characters here. Additionally, the Departure Warp banner will disappear after 50 pulls.

Similar to Genshin Impact, the game also features a “soft pity” system, which increases the chance of you pulling a 5-star dramatically after a certain amount of pulls. For Genshin Impact, this is around 70 pulls. Realistically, most players will not even reach 90 pulls before pulling a 5-star character. Honkai: Star Rail’s soft pity has yet to be determined, but it will most likely be in a similar range to Genshin Impact.

The pity counter for each banner is separate but will carry over for subsequent banners in the case of limited banners. For instance, if you pulled 70 times in the Character Event Warp banner without getting a 5-star character, the next Character Event Warp banner will guarantee a 5-star character in the next 20 pulls.

That’s how the pity system works in Honkai: Star Rail. If you are familiar with Genshin Impact’s mechanics, you should be plenty familiar with how the system works in Honkai: Star Rail as well.