Honkai Star Rail Signs of Fragmentum Guide

Just need to find four beacons.

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While the main storyline will generally be your focus when playing Honkai Star Rail Signs, there are plenty of side quests available that can net you sweet rewards when completed. However, these side quests are not to be taken lightly as they can be a hassle to complete and as tedious as the main quests, especially if you are unaware of the specifics. One of these quests is “Signs of Fragmentum,” which requires players to find and collect data from four Beacons.

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How to complete Signs of Fragmentum in Honkai Star Rail

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These beacons are small white bear lookalikes called Wubbaboos. Each of the Wubbaboo’s location is shown below.

Beacon location 1

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As soon as you enter the area of mission, look toward the northeast. There should be a Wubbaboo just beside the maintenance staff.

Beacon location 2

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Toward your left, there should be a room with a mob inside it. Enter the room, and from the inside, look at the top of the gate you used to enter. There should be a Wubbaboo on top of the gate.

Beacon location 3

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Keep moving toward the left through the gate, where you find the 2nd Wubbaboo. At the end of your path, you’ll come across another room. Enter the room, and you’ll find a Wubbaboo on the left side.

Beacon location 4

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Go back to the gate where you found the 2nd Wubbaboo. Now instead of moving toward the left, just look to the right. There should be a plant where the final Wubbaboo can be found.

Once you spot a Wubbaboo, simply open your camera by pressing R on your PC or tapping the camera icon on mobile devices. Aim toward the Wubbaboo, and it will automatically scan the beacon, collecting the data. Keep in mind, you’ll only be able to take on the quest if you are level 15 and above.