Honkai: Star Rail – What are Eidolons? Eidolons explained

Eidolons working in HSR is similar to Constellations in Genshin Impact.

Image via Hoyoverse

Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based adventure gacha game from HoYoverse, the studio behind Genshin Impact. As such, both games share many similarities with each other, including certain systems and mechanics. One of these shared mechanics is “Eidolons.” While these are named something else in Genshin Impact, Eidolons is Honkai: Star Rail’s answer to when you pull multiple copies of one character. This guide explains everything about Eidolons in HSR.

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What are Eidolons in HSR?

If you’re familiar with Genshin Impact, you know about “Constellations.” Eidolons are basically constellations but with a different name. For those who don’t know what these terms mean, Eidolons are certain power-ups you receive for getting multiple copies of one character. When you receive multiple copies of a character, you won’t get two of the same character to use in your game; instead, you’ll earn an Eidolon of that specific character.

For instance, say you pulled two copies of Dan Heng after receiving him for free. This means that you will receive two Eidolons for Dan Heng. Each Eidolon you receive will unlock a new power-up for a specific character. Each character can obtain up to six different and unique Eidolons. Eidolons are not mandatory to use a character, but some Eidolons can power up a character significantly.

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How To Check Character’s Eidolons in HSR

To check a character’s Eidolons, for example, Dan Heng, go to his character page, and click the button that reads “Eidolons.”

Honkai: Star Rail eidolons
Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll see each different Eidolon you can earn for Dan Heng on this page.

Honkai: Star Rail eidolons
Screenshot by Gamepur

You can click each individual Eidolon to see what effect it will grant Dan Heng. Note that each Eidolon must be earned in order. You cannot spend an Eidolon to unlock Eidolon 6, for example. Typically, the more Eidolons you receive, the higher in power the character will become.

Unlocked Eidolons will appear as images, so you know that you unlocked them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

How to get Shadow of Destruction in HSR?

An exception to this rule is with the main character. Since you cannot pull this character on any Warp banners, you’ll need to get an item known as the “Shadow of Destruction” instead. These items are earned while progressing through the story, so don’t worry about unlocking them. You’ll earn all of his or her Eidolons for free.