Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC – All Pangea Figurine Locations & How to Get Them

Gather every Pangea Figurine from the popular Holos and complete the Dino Digits Quiz quiz to prove you know your stuff.


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The Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC expands some collectibles from the base game, such as machine scans, but adds new ones for you to gather. One of these is the set of five Pangea Figurines you can find scattered around the region. This guide shows you where to find all the Pangea Figurines, explains how to get each one, and even packs in the answers to the Dino Digits Quiz at the park, which are intertwined with these collectibles.

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Where to Find All Pangea Figurine Locations

Below, we’ve outlined every Pangea Figurine in the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC. You’ll find a location and guide for accessing each one. Then, once you’ve gathered them all, you can use our guide to the Dino Digits quiz to help you get a new Face Paint for Aloy.

Dimorphodon Pangea Figurine Location

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You can find the Dimorphodon Figurine towards the lava flow at the top of the map, north of Fleet’s End. See above for a map reference for the exact location. This will lead you to a Fandom Zone store, but it’s locked. If you scan the Datapoint, you can see inside you’ll learn that someone scrawled the code on a nearby building.

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Look for the tallest building close to this store, and you should find a ladder on it. Shoot the ladder with an arrow to bring it down and access the roof. You can find the code scribbled there alongside a cute little love message. Use the code 111464 to open the store and grab the Pangea Figuring inside.

Green Raptor Pangea Figurine Location

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The Green Raptor Pangea Figurine is located east of Fleet’s End. See above for a map reference for the exact location. This one is an entertaining adventure because the Pangea Figurine isn’t at this location, which you’ll discover after scanning the Datapoint in the store. The object was stolen and taken to a nearby parking garage, which just so happens to be Stalker territory.

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Head down the road in the direction the Datapoint indicates; you’ll see the parking garage below the road very clearly. Drop down and start looking around. There’s some good loot to be found in here, including Brimshine, but you’ll need to fight a few Stalkers for it. The Green Raptor Pangea Figurine is in the trunk of a car on the bottom floor. Just be ready to fight four Stalkers as soon as you grab it because they flood the area soon after.

Reggie the Pterodactyl Panagea Figurine Location

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You’ll find the Reggie the Pterodactyl Pangea Figurine on the island with the amusement park. See above for an exact map reference for its location. The object is stuck inside a Fandom Zone store, and you need to break in to get it.

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The store is locked, and there’s no obvious way in. Run around the store until you find a vent on the wall. You can use Aloy’s Pullcaster to get her to smash the vent open. Then, it’s simply a case of crawling through the spaces inside until you drop into the correct room and can grab the Pangea Figurine.

Queen Rex Panagea Figurine Location

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The Queen Rex Pangea Figurine is located southwest of Fleet’s End. It’s a tricky one to find because it’s surrounded by tough machines. See above for the exact location on the game’s map. When you arrive at the Fandom Zone store, as you’re probably expecting by this point, the Figurine isn’t there. However, this time you need to examine the nearby dead machine, then use your Pullcaster on the store to reveal a Shell-Walker Crate and examine that.

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Aloy surmises that the Shell-Walker that was here must have taken the Pangea Figurine and dumped it somewhere nearby. Use your Focus to find its tracks and follow them to a group of four Shell-Walkers. You’ll need to kill all the machines here to take Queen Rex. We used Acid on the Sehll-Walkers to kill them quickly and cleared out the rest of the machines before triggering the Shell-Walker encounter to make life a little easier.

Red Raptor Panagea Figurine Location

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The Red Raptor Pangea Figurine is located at the top of the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC map. It’s in the northeast corner above the lava flows. See above for an exact map reference for its location.

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This Pangea figurine is very easy to get. Fly over the location with your flying mount, preferably a Waterwing because we think they’re the best, and have it rip off the metal clamp on the top of the building. Then drop down and go inside. You can pick up the Red Raptor Pangea Figurine without any trouble.

How to Solve the Dino Digits Quiz

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The Dino Digits Quiz is located at the park where Londra has been holding many members of the Quen tribe as prisoners. At the center of the park is a large circular arena with holograms. You’ll find five terminals here, and interacting with one triggers the Dino Digits Quiz. Every terminal has a question that requires a code as the answer, and you’ll find the answers as numbers in the descriptions of the above Pangea Figurines. If you’re unsure of the answers and want to get the quest finished, see below for every question and code answer you require.

Question 1: What was the Portal Code to Reach Pangea in the Original Pangea Holo?

For this question, you’ll need to check the description of the Queen Rex Figurine. The code you need to input as the answer is 6837.

Question 2: In The First Pangea, Jane’s ID can be seen on her First Day at PortTech. What is her ID Number?

This question can be answered by looking at the description of the Dimorphodon Figurine. The code you need to use as the answer is 4331.

Question 3: During The Portal Pandemonium, How Many Portals Were Torn Open?

For this question, check the Red Raptor Figurine‘s description for the answer. The code you need to input into the terminal is 378.

Question 4: How Many Pre-Recorded Messages Came With the Limited Edition Talk-To-Me Reggie?

The answer to this question lies in the description of the Reggie the Pterodactyl Figurine. The code used in the terminal is 785.

Question 5: How Many Raptors Does Trevor Claim He Escaped From in the Siege of Pangea?

To answer this final question, you need to look at the description of the Green Raptor Figurine. The code you need to type into the terminal is 1051.

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Once you’ve answered all the questions, you’ll get a code from Walter Londra’s long-dead ex-wife, the star of the Pangea Holos. It’s a nice touch because you can imagine someone collecting all of these extremely expensive Pangea Figurines and then coming to the park. Then, when they find the quiz, they’re able to answer every question because they’re die-hard fans of these Holos. Your reward for completing the DIno Digits Quiz is the Pangea Forever Face Paint.