How ally customization works in Fallout 76

Customize your favorite ally.

Image via Bethesda

You can now customize the appearance of the allies you take with you while wandering the Wastelands of Fallout 76. Previously, they had a default appearance. These customization options give you the chance to provide them with some better fitting outfits, making them stand out a bit more while you wander around the game. 

To change an ally’s outfit, take them your C.A.M.P, and approach them. From there, you should now have the option to go about customizing your ally’s appearance. You can use any item available to you for your ally, so you can have them wearing a variety of different items, or even have them match you, so the two of you look the same while wandering around the Wasteland. None of the stats go to the ally, though. All of the items you give them to wear are purely cosmetic, so even if you gave them your best armor with the highest stats in the game, it wouldn’t do them any good.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see the appearance items when you’re participating in instance-based content. You will only be able to see their customized outfit while you are out wandering around. The same goes for any other player’s ally you see walking around. Instead of seeing the ally name, you will see the player’s name in front of the ally name, indicating who the ally belongs to.

If you ever destroy or get rid of the Ally Station in your C.A.M.P, all of your ally’s customization options will disappear and return to their default outfit. You want to make sure to put the Ally Station back up if you ever want to modify their appearance again.

Try dressing up your favorite characters in iconic outfits hidden throughout Fallout 76, or have them in a variety of colors. The choice is up to you, so long as you have the items available in your inventory.