How Broods work in Tower of Fantasy

Keep an eye out for eggs.

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Tower of Fantasy puts you in a world filled with various objects, puzzles, and creatures that can be a bit confusing to mess with. The addition of the Miasmic Swamp brought in more of these items for you to interact with one of the more confusing of them being Broods. Broods are large egg-shaped structures that don’t seem to have a purpose. Of course, that is until you interact with them the right way. This guide will show you how Broods work in Tower of Fantasy.

How to interact with Broods in Tower of Fantasy

Broods are fairly easy to spot as you make your way through the Miasmic Swamp. These large structures look like green eggs and typically have smaller eggs surrounding them. When you walk up to a Brood, it will tell you that you need a Revelation Seed to interact with it. You will also need to obtain some elemental ores to trigger the activation of a Brood, though you may already have the required elemental ore on you.

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Revelation Seeds can be obtained by searching the areas around Titan Konjac roots. If you need immunity to the poison they emit, you can get it by interacting with Purification Systems. Once you have a seed, bring it to a Brood. When you interact with the Brood, it will ask if you want to spend any of the following ores:

  • Snowsource
  • Lightningsource
  • Landsource
  • Sunsource

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The type of ore that you use changes the enemy that will spawn from the Brood. The enemies that spawn are lower-tier bosses that can prove to be quite difficult to take on without help if you haven’t raised your CS rating. Defeating the enemy that spawns will get you a Germinated Revelation Seed which can be used to disable the Titan Konjac roots and prevent them from spewing poison.