How to solve Pressure Trigger puzzles in Tower of Fantasy

A different kind of puzzle.

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Tower of Fantasy is filled with interesting objects, animals, and puzzles for you to interact with. You can even sometimes interact with the various plants found throughout the worlds of Aesperia and Vera. One of the many world elements added with the Miasmic Swamp update is Pressure Trigger puzzles. These machines may look simple, but they can be pretty confusing to complete. Performing the right actions will get you rewards. This guide will show you how to solve Pressure Trigger puzzles in Tower of Fantasy.

How to complete Pressure Trigger puzzles in Tower of Fantasy

You may have found these strange devices placed around the Miasmic Swamp. The central machine has three prongs and is surrounded by various pressure plates. These are what the game refers to as Pressure Trigger puzzles. There are two types of these puzzles to look out for; ones that involve a time limit and others that involve memory games. These aren’t the only puzzles added with the update, you can also find Color Mushrooms scattered about the swamp.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first type of these puzzles is the time limit ones. When you step on the pressure plates around the core, they will light up and quickly fade away. There are typically three or four pressure plates around the core. The key to completing this variant of the puzzle is to step on all of the pressure plates fast enough to keep them all lit up. If you manage to do this, you will be rewarded with a Black or Gold Nucleus.

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The other version of this puzzle requires you to use your brain to remember a pattern. To start the puzzle, hit the central core with an electric weapon. This will charge the core and make the pressure plates emit a glow. The pressure plates will glow in a specific order and it is up to you to press them in the same order. If done correctly, you will be rewarded. The reward for both puzzles will appear in the central core for you to grab. Make sure you check out the other sights that the Miasmic Swamp has to offer.