Where to find Revelation Seeds in Tower of Fantasy

Don’t linger in the poison too long.

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The lands of Tower of Fantasy have always been filled with various secrets to keep players searching for hours. The Miasmic Swamp update brought in another area to explore that contains tons of creatures, puzzles, and strange items. One of the many items you can find throughout the swamp is Revelation Seeds. These catalysts are used to help summon powerful creatures for you to fight. This guide will show you where you can find Revelation Seeds in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get Revelation Seeds in Tower of Fantasy

As you explore the Miasmic Swamp, you may come across massive egg-shaped structures. These weird growths on the ground exude a slight amount of smoke and are usually colored green. When you walk up to them, you will get a notification that you need a Revelation Seed to interact with it. These structures are called Broods and they house powerful creatures that you can summon with the help of a few items.

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Revelation Seeds can only be found in the poisonous areas of the swamp. These areas typically have a haze that lingers around that them to signify that there is poison in the air. The poison comes from Titan Konjac roots that have a green and purple appearance. Getting near these roots will damage you heavily. Unfortunately, you need to go around them to get your hands on Revelation Seeds.

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Revelation Seeds grow next to Titan Konjac roots. While it is possible to survive the poison that these roots emit, you have a better chance of collecting Revelation Seeds if you use a Purification System to gain immunity to the poison. There are typically multiple Titan Konjac roots in an area so make sure to search around them all to locate Revelation Seeds. Once you have one, you can bring it to a Brood to summon a powerful boss-type enemy to fight. Defeating these enemies will get you Germinated Revelation Seeds.