How to get and use Germinated Revelation Seeds in Tower of Fantasy

Seeds given life by monsters.

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The Miasmic Swamp, introduced in the Tower of Fantasy 2.3 update, hosts tons of new bosses to conquer and rewards to earn. Some of the best and most difficult of these are guarded by powerful enemies and poisonous gasses, particularly the Germinated Revelation Seeds, an upgraded version of the standard Revelation Seed you can use to clear areas of toxic fumes for safe passage and a bit of loot. You’ll be popping around the Swamp to earn and use the Germinated Seeds, so be prepared for that and some tough fights.

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Where to get Germinated Revelation Seeds in Tower of Fantasy

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Before you can acquire any Germinated Revelation Seeds, you will, of course, need the base version, the Revelation Seed, which you get in the area immediately around Titan Konjac bulbs. With a standard Seed in hand, head to the Brood eggs scattered around the map.

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To use the Seed, you must first charge the egg with three of the highest-rarity elemental ores: Landsource (Physical), Sunsource (Fire), Lightningsource (Lightning), and Snowsource (Frost).

Once charged the first time, the egg will break open, and an upgraded mob will appear. Defeat it, then charge the egg with three more ores, which will cause the egg to shatter again, this time revealing a world miniboss based on both the ores used and the location of the egg itself.

We don’t recommend soloing these bosses unless you’ve got the best endgame gear, with 160 weapons, maxed-out matrices, and upgraded equipment. They can and will one-shot you and have a metric ton of health to burn through. Bring a team, though, and they can fall quickly.

Defeating the miniboss will award you a Germinated Revelation Seed and an Achievement for their first defeat. Take the Seed back to the Kunjac plant.

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Turn on the Purification machine and interact with each plant for either 20 or 50 Old Vera Coins. Once you’ve interacted with all the plants in the area, a space clear of poison gasses.