How Cargo Runs work in Moonbreaker

Can you make it through the run?

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The Cargo Runs in Moonbreaker can be a trial of endurance for you to complete, pitting you against multiple foes. You will be taking a single, randomly generated team of units with you to defeat wave after wave of bosses and their minions with a singular goal of coming out on top. This guide covers how a Cargo Run works and what you need to do to play it in Moonbreaker.

How to play Cargo Runs in Moonbreaker

A Cargo Run requires a Contract to play. You can find Contracts in the store of Moonbreakers, and they typically appear on a timer, or they might appear as a purchasable item if you have enough Blanks or Pulsars. They do usually appear at a discounted price, but not for long. If you can purchase a Cargo Run, it consists of five randomized rounds, and you will need to choose from one of three teams to battle through these rounds. Unfortunately, the team you select is also randomized, forcing you to pick among select preferences, and they may not all complement each other.

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When you begin a round, it will be similar to a traditional Moonbreaker game. The goal of the match is for you to defeat the enemy Captain controlled by AI. Should you defeat the Captain, you will progress to the next round, earning some Blanks for your efforts. However, if you fail, your run is over. To try again, you will need to purchase another Cargo Run using a Contract.

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Following each round, your Captain’s health will carry over. If you did not take any damage in one match, their health would carry over into the next round, and the same goes for if they take a large amount of damage and only have one health bar left. They’re still in the game, but you must be extremely careful moving forward.

During a match in Cargo Runs, there will be boxes on the field you can use to help boost your team. You will need to be in the range of these boxes to open them, and they will reward you with varying goods and upgrades. Some contain health packs, more crew members to add to your roster, and armor upgrades. We recommend going out of your way to grab them to boost your deck. A Cargo Run is complete after you finish five rounds undefeated.