How to get Blanks in Moonbreaker

An important currency.

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Blanks in Moonbreaker are one of the primary currencies you will use in the game. You can redeem them in the in-game store for consumables available in the featured options, or save them for a rainy day. There are only a handful of ways you can work your way into obtaining this currency. This guide covers how you can get Blanks in Moonbreaker.

Where to get Blanks in Moonbreaker

The primary way you’ll earn Blanks is by playing Moonbreaker, although it doesn’t come from ending a game or completing a match. There are options to earn Blanks through completing daily missions and tasks assigned to your character. For example, at the start of Moonbreaker, you will receive Blanks for completing matches against other players or AI, watching training videos, completing the training, or joining the game’s official Discord.

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There’s also the chance to earn Blanks by progressing through the Battle Pass Season Track. You will steadily level this up as you play games, but not every reward in the Battle Pass gives you Blanks. You receive them at levels three, 16, 26, 34, 42, and 48. There are only 50 levels in the Battle Pass; leveling it up can be difficult if you’re testing the waters.

Although Blanks are some of the more casual currency you can earn while playing Moonbreaker, it’s not straightforward with how you earn it. You won’t always receive Blanks while playing the game, and earning enough to purchase a Booster pack will take time, especially if you or other players prefer not to spend real-world money on it.