How challenge types and rerolling work in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy

Battle royale or Arenas challenges? Pick your poison.

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Image via Respawn

With Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy came the introduction of a brand-new permanent game mode called Arenas. With this addition came some changes to how challenges work. Because there are now two major game modes, that means there are now new challenge types: battle royale-specific challenges and Arenas-specific challenges. Fear not, players who prefer one game type to the other — there is a bit of leeway in the reroll process this time around.

Rerolling happens when you decide you don’t like a challenge and click on it in order to get a different challenge at random. Normally, that costs a player 200 Legend Tokens, but in Season 9, every player gets one free reroll every day. The rerolls after that will still cost 200 Legend Tokens as they always have.

In addition to all of this, when you reroll, it now comes with a choice. You can choose if you want your new challenge to be a battle royale challenge or an Arenas challenge before the randomization process. This guarantees you at least one more challenge in your preferred game type every day — more if you don’t mind the 200 Legend Token payments. Challenge types don’t have an effect on how many stars you will get from a given challenge.