How to win Arenas – Points System explained for Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy

The win conditions and points system explained step-by-step.

Octane in Arenas

With the introduction of the new Arenas 3v3 team deathmatch game, it should be noted that a fight isn’t just a one and done. Each Arenas match is set over the course of anywhere from two to nine rounds based on how the partaking teams are doing. To pull out a win, you need to either pull ahead or win a sudden deathmatch. Let’s take a look at what all of the possible win conditions look like.

Before the Game

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Before the game begins, the Scoreboard will be empty. The board will have counters on each side; the left side will represent your team, while the right side will represent the enemy team. The bottom set of squares represents how far along all players are in the match.

1 Point Leads and Match Points

Match Points
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After the first match, the scoreboard will either turn blue or red. To win Arenas, your team must have a two-point lead. Any time the scoreboard is blue, it means that your team is on their Match Point, and one more win will secure a victory. Whenever the scoreboard is red, it means the enemy team is on Match Point and only needs one more win. Victories can happen at 2-0, 3-1, 4-2, or 5-3, and vice versa for defeats.

Tie Games

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If the score ties up, the Scoreboard will turn yellow, meaning that neither team is on Match Point, and no matter the outcome of the game, the game will not be over. There is no way to tie in a round, though, so after a Tiebreaker, one team will again be on Match Point.

Sudden Death

Sudden Death
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If neither team has achieved victory by the time the game is 4-4, there cannot be more than nine rounds in a game. The final match will come up as a Sudden Death round on the Scoreboard, and whichever team wins that match will take home the victory.