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How Cinder works in Moonbreaker

Spend your Cinder wisely.

There are a lot of mechanics that go into creating a game such as Moonbreaker. In Moonbreaker, you take control of a roster of units and battle foes. During each turn, you get the capability to send out units, move, attack, and activate special abilities. Of course, nothing is free and your actions will cost Cinder. Similar to Mana from Magic: The Gathering, you need Cinder to perform special abilities. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Cinder in Moonbreaker.

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What is Cinder in Moonbreaker?

Cinder is similar to AP (Action Points) in other games of its nature. The amount of Cinder you have appears at the bottom of your screen at all times during a game. You start the game off with one Cinder that appears on the bar in the center. Each round, you gain one Cinder. In other words, in round two you will have two Cinder, in round three you will have three Cinder, and so on.

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If you end a round without spending all of your Cinder, up to three of it can be banked for the next round. It is important, especially on earlier rounds, to bank your Cinder to help you pay for more expensive units in your bridge. Each unit that you send out onto the battlefield will boost a predetermined number of Cinder. You can view the Cinder cost of a unit in the bridge. It is marked by the number inside the swirling orange symbol.

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If you run out of units in your bridge, you can request reinforcements using the reinforcement button next to the bridge button in the lower left corner of the screen. Many units that you summon will have a special ability that you can activate using your Cinder. When you want to activate a special ability. Select the unit and select the ability at the bottom of the screen.

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Remember that you will only ever have a maximum of 10 Cinder at one time so spend the points wisely. There are abilities you can get that increase your Cinder beyond the 10 points but that is chosen at the start of the battle.

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