How consumables work in Spellbreak

Time heals all wounds.


Looting, fighting, exiling… of course, we all want to be in on the action all the time in Spellbreak, but if we’re close to dying out, there is a way to heal. There are a few abilities that heal you, consumables are the only items in the game currently that heal the player.

Consumables are found around the map aside runes, gauntlets, and gear and come in two types and two sizes: Health potion and armor shard, and large and small.

All consumables
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Consumable durations

Unlike in most games, when you heal yourself, the healing is not instant. It’s no new feat that it takes time to consume the item (3 seconds for small, 6 for large), but the restoration itself also takes time after you finish it.

While consuming the item, you can still move (though slowly), crouch, and remain invisible. That said, that’s about it. If you are hit with a spell, cast a spell, activate a rune, or even just jump, you will not consume the item, and have to start the timer over.

Regardless of size or type, all consumables take 10 seconds for the full effect.

Final results of all consumables

Small Health Potion+20 Health
Large Health Potion+50 Health
Small Armor Shard+20 Armor
Large Armor Shard+50 Armor

Stacking Effects

While you can’t drink multiple consumables simultaneously, you can drink them in succession, even during the 10-second effect phases. The effects of the consumables will stack, and you will heal faster the more of then you drink.

It is to be noted that if you have a surplus of them, it can help drink more consumables than are needed to heal you fully, just to get the speed of the heal to increase, as sometimes timing is more precious than resources in a pinch.

Complementary Talent

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If you find yourself a bit fan of using consumables during your gameplay, a suggested talent would be the Thirsty spirit talent that allows you and your nearby teammates to consume health potions and armor shards at +50% speed.