How cooking works in Tower of Fantasy

Cook your heart out.

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Most RPGs nowadays have some sort of mechanic in them that allows you to cook meals. Even MMO games like Tower of Fantasy have taken this feature onboard. Cooking typically requires you to hunt down various ingredients, go to a cooking station, and cook up a plate of food so that you can get some type of benefit for combat. True to form, Tower of Fantasy’s cooking mechanic works just like you’d expect. It’s time to get cooking.

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How to cook in Tower of Fantasy

You will be introduced to the cooking mechanic pretty early on in the game as you are tasked to grab some fish in a nearby river and cook them up as a snack. Of course, this just teaches you how to craft the most basic of recipes. To cook, you simply need to take your ingredients to a cooking bot. These robots look like large rice cookers with legs.

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Once you interact with a cooking bot, the cooking menu will appear. Once there, you will have two options; cooking and creation. The cooking option will be the first to appear, this allows you to craft premade recipes from a list as long as you have the required ingredients. You can gather ingredients in the wild by picking up fruits and vegetables or by killing wildlife.

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If you don’t have the ingredients to make anything on the list, (or you feel like being creative) you can try your hand at the creation menu. Tap the creation button in the bottom left corner of the screen and a list of all your ingredients will appear. You can select up to five different ingredients to throw into a recipe of your own design. The more of one type of ingredient you use, the higher the success rate of the dish will be.